Top 6 Hair Tips for Men With Thinning Hair


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Thinning hair in men is not a problem anymore! Check these top 6 hair tips.

Hair is an essential part of a human body, especially for aesthetic purposes. This is what highly informs men to turn to beard growth oil since facial hair is the central focus for them, while women go all out to get their hair done as often as befits their preference.

Nonetheless, male or female, thinning hair and a receding hairline can do a number on your confidence. With so much attention channeled towards caring for women’s hair, men have been left to wander in worry over thinning hair.

 Thinning hair

Thankfully, all is not lost. There are still some ways to manage thinning hair and receding hairlines in men. Instead of stressing over how quick you are losing hair, try these hair thinning tips for men to slow down thinning hair:

Choose Appropriate Haircuts and Styling

Once your hair shows signs of thinning, it is time to change how you have been styling your hair. Odds are, your barber already knows some of the haircuts that can complement your thinning hair.

Consider a new haircut, preferably shorter hair, because less is more when it comes to thinning hair. This is because a longer hairstyle will weigh your hair down making it look a lot finer than it really is. On the other hand, too short a haircut will expose the scalp, defying the point of concealing the hair loss and thinning.

Be considerably cautious with the cut you settle for; a classic undercut is a perfect example!

Grow and Groom your Facial Hair

Hair loss can hurt your confidence if you let it get to you. Since you cannot control the hair loss or the thinning you are experiencing, consider attending to your facial hair. Well-groomed and healthy facial hair can draw attention away from your thinning hair.

However, keep your beard in control because too long a mane can give you an odd appearance, distributing some of that negative attention to your thinned hair.

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

Although it can be tempting to over-wash your hair with an attempt to freshen up your scalp to hopefully improve your hair growth, it is not such a good idea. Too much washing can actually contribute to hair damage causing thinning and loss.

Resolve to wash your hair less to keep the natural oils in your hair, which protect your hair shafts from breakage.

Choose Your Hair Products Wisely

There are a couple of hair products in the market that can add volume to your overall look. A men’s hair pomade, pastes, muds, fibers and hair gel, for instance, are products that can provide volume and structure to your hair, if used sparingly, giving you a thicker and fuller appearance.

Choose Your Hair Products Wisely

Even then, moderation is crucial because using too much hair product can leave your hair looking and feeling oily and slick, which is not exactly an attractive look for men. Don’t choose products that are high gloss or shine because they attract more attention to your hair.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Hair is directly affected by the health status of your body. The thinning you may be experiencing could be as a result of poor dieting. Research shows that certain foods are crucial for maintaining healthy hair and thereby slowing the rate at which you lose it.

An example of a favorable food category for the health of your body is proteins. Proteins are known to increase the production of the testosterone hormone, which is the hormone responsible for the masculinity in men and favors the healthy growth of your facial hair and that on your head.

Since hair is composed of proteins, supplementing your diet with high-protein foods also helps to repair and replenish the hair.

Embrace It and Relax

You do both your hair and body justice when you decide to relax. Although a little bit of stress is normal, intense stress can speed up the rate at which your hair thins and actually cause hair loss and premature graying. Instead of letting hair thinning get you down, embrace it and give yourself a long deserved vacation to relax.

Well, there you have it. Hair thinning is not the end of the world, and should by no means cost you your confidence. With these carefully thought out tips, give your hair the care it deserves and enjoy your life. However, if you are really still concerned about your thinning hair, consult a physician for medications or hair transplants.