Top Benefits of Sleeping on a Latex Mattress


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Buying a mattress can be a daunting task when you consider the health, environment, and cost aspect of the mattress and the contribution to your general wellness. Different types of mattresses have their pros and cons, but the amazing benefits of latex mattresses make them a low-risk choice for individuals looking to sleep comfortably and peacefully.

What Makes Pure Latex Mattresses the Ideal Buy?

Health benefits

If the purpose of looking for a new mattress is health related, you can hardly go wrong with buying a 100% natural latex mattress. Over the last few years, people have increasingly become more concerned with what they eat and breathe and the lifestyles they live. If you are one of those people, a latex mattress is a perfect addition to your life, thanks to its many health benefits that include:  

●     Better Night’s Sleep

With an all natural latex mattress, the issues of being awake all night, tossing and turning will be a thing of the past as it offers exceptional comfort and unparalleled support. Getting adequate sleep is essential for good health and general wellness. Failure to get adequate sleep can negatively affect your health leading to various health consequences such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, a greater risk to accidents, low testosterone, obesity, stroke, type 2 diabetes, a weakened immune system, and impaired thinking.

●      Do not Have PBDEs

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are harmful chemicals that can negatively affect your health. The chemicals do not easily break down, and thus, they remain active, continuously contaminating the air in your home. They have associated PBDEs with various health issues that include behavioral changes, thyroid disruption, liver damage, memory impairments, ADHD in children, and learning impairments, among others.

●      No Off-gassing

When petrochemicals contained in some memory foam mattresses get into contact with air in your home, they release unpleasant odors that are usually harmful, a situation called off-gassing. The odors occur when chemicals, heavy metals, carcinogens, pesticides, allergy-inducing dyes, and phthalates common in some mattresses break down, resulting in several health complications that can range from headaches to respiratory problems.

●      Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic

If we do not exercise proper care, respiratory problems can negatively affect your life, which makes breathing clean air an important factor in living a quality life. Changing your aging coil mattress with a latex mattress goes a long way in getting rid of allergens and microbes that usually lurk beneath the innerspring.

●      Pain Reduction

Pure latex mattresses offer the best comfort with the top and middle layers that offer cushioned comfort and an underneath core that offers buoyant support. The functional design of latex mattresses enables them to provide incredible comfort and pressure relief for your body. It is also possible to customize the firmness and thickness of each layer for a customized solution to side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Good for the Environment

With a pure latex mattress, you can sleep confidently knowing that your good sleep does not harm the environment. They are manufactured with responsible and sustainable processes and do not contain harmful ingredients that negatively affect the environment. The environmental benefits of buying all natural latex mattresses include:

●      Recyclable

Most mattresses have an average life of between 7 and ten years, so every ten years, every family will have to dispose of at least one mattress. Since most of these mattresses are not recyclable, they end up accumulating in the landfills negatively affecting the environment. Natural latex mattresses are 100 percent recyclable, which means a zero effect on the environment.

●      Sustainable, Durable, and Affordable

The main ingredient in latex mattresses is the highly sustainable sap from rubber trees. The mattresses are also highly durable with most manufacturing companies offering warranties of up to 10 years as they can hold their natural shape and flexibility for many years. Also, they easily blend quality and affordability.  When you factor the average lifespan and cost of other types of mattresses, you will notice that the Sleepwell mattress price is quite reasonable and value for money as its 20-years of warranty is twice as long as the standard 10 years that most of the online mattress companies provide.


Besides health and environmental benefits, pure latex mattresses offer motion isolation, which means that the motions of your partner will not affect your sleep. The mattresses can also be easily customized to add extra firmness or cushioning as per your needs.