Top Ten Most Asked Questions About Facelift Surgery


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The first facial-lifting plastic surgery was performed in the early 1900’s. In the following century, this type of operation has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Regardless of one’s reason(s) for facial surgery, knowing some FAQs can be beneficial to your experience.

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1. What Will My Recovery Experience Be?

Proceeding facelift surgery, bandages will be over the face to help with inflammation and swelling. The first day of recovery is spent with your face elevated. This will help alleviate bruising and inflammation. Ice or cold compresses can also be used to decrease swelling. After the first week, your stitches and bandages are removed. It is recommended to continue elevating and icing during this point; because bruising and swelling peaks between 5-8 days. After several weeks, facial numbness and bruising should dissipate and you can resume your regular physical activities.

2. How Long Is Surgery?

The length of your operation will depend on the specific surgery you’re having. However, facial-lifting surgery is generally 3 hours long. It’s important to note that when other cosmetic procedures like blepharoplasty are combined; surgery time extends to several hours.

3. Will I Have Noticeable Scars?

Incisions made for surgery are normally at the start of your hairline, temple, and continues at the bottom scalp and behind earlobe. These incisions are typically made in natural creases and become unnoticeable after a few months. If your procedure involves a neck-lift, a small incision will also be made underneath your chin. This scar will go away within months too.

4. How do I Prepare?

A physical examination will be done prior to the procedure. This is to determine if you qualify for this type of plastic surgery. It is recommended to not smoke or take anti-inflammatory drugs 48 hours prior to your operation. By seeking a reputable plastic surgeon, you can be medically evaluated and efficiently prepared for surgery.

5. What Can I Expect During Consultation?

This time is used to help prepare a patient for the procedure. Your facial features are examined and your medical history will be reviewed. At this time, treatment goals are also discussed.

6. How Much Time off Should I Take?

2-3 weeks is generally enough time. Those working strenuous jobs may need longer.

7. What Should I Look for in a Surgeon?

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The surgeon should be certified by an accredited medical board. This ensures they have the training and experience needed.

8. Will This Last Longer Than Fillers?

Fillers are injections made to last a few weeks. The effects of a facelift can last years when performed by the right surgeon.

9. How Old Should I Be?

The average age for this surgery is 35-60 years old. This operation can also be successfully done on people in their 70s and 80s.

10. Will My Hair Be Shaved for Surgery?

A small amount of hair will be cut along the front hairline. Once the skin is tightened and pulled, the shaved area will not be visible.