Types of Hair Transplants You Can Get in Istanbul

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Being in a good geographical location for medical tourism, Istanbul is gaining its popularity for different types of cosmetic procedures, including hair transplantation, dental work and nose jobs.

You can see a lot of men walking around the city with heads covered in bandages. Choosing a clinic in a large city with well-qualified specialists and over 10 years of experience can guarantee you a good result.

One of such clinics is Vera Clinic where you can get all needed information help about hair transplant options. 

Types of Hair Transplants

The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is the most commonly done procedure in most hair treatment clinics in Istanbul. This is a method that has many benefits over the older FUT procedure.

The hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive so it does not take long to recover from and there is likely to be only minimal discomfort during and after the hair transplantation procedure.

The DHI, direct hair implantation procedure, is another option that is available in some of the clinics. The best type of hair transplant to get will depend on many factors, and is likely to vary depending on the individual’s particular situation.

After Care

Hair restoration clinics can also provide advice on hair care. They can tell you what to expect after the procedure and how to care for the implants so that you do get the best possible outcome.

After the procedure the hair takes about four months to start to appear and about 80% of the hair is likely to have regrown about eight months after the hair transplant procedure was done.

You can also get follow up treatments such as PRP therapy which will help the new hair to grow. Often you will be given instructions and various creams and antibacterial serums to help after the surgical procedure has been done.

It is crucial you take note of everything you are told and that you follow instructions given by your doctor so that your new hair will grow and will be healthy.

It is a good idea to also eat healthy and take good care of yourself after you have had the procedure done. Although this is a relatively painless procedure it is still a medical procedure.