Weed Diet: The Effects of Cannabis on Weight Loss

By Top.me

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Munch cannabis and lose weight may sound like a joke but recent studies indicate that it really has a visible effect on the weight of a user. 

Check how cannabis can make you thinner. 

Maintain Insulin Level

Researchers noticed that despite being a drug, if a user uses it chronically and for a long time, cannabis contains some really important ingredients that can have a huge positive impact on your health.

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body as it helps to maintain the sugar level intact in your body. If the insulin level increases or decreases, you are very likely to have diabetes.

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When insulin level is high, you will grow an insulin resistance that ends up in losing appetite. That’s where the cannabis comes in play. Taking a small dose of cannabis everyday will help you keep the insulin in balance and your appetite will increase. Being high on cannabis makes you feel hungry as you get munchies and having a good diet and using cannabis will make you gain the weight you needed. 

Together with keeping your insulin in balance and pain-relieving effects, cannabis works just fine with exercising, in case you’re planning to get in shape or improve your physical health. Some people say that if you want to get a faster result, then you should vape marijuana rather than smoke it. The advantages of weed vaporizers are that users can modify the temperature and limit the session during which they can vape.

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A group of researchers published a study in American Medical Journal about the effects of cannabis use. The researchers studied over 4800 people and concluded that marijuana actually helps in reduction of waistline and prevention of insulin resistance. They also said that the users had 16% lower fasting insulin level than the non-users. 17% of the users had smaller waistline than non-users.

The article concluded saying that the cannabis users showed a calm and relaxed attitude that helped them focus on a creative lifestyle and they could withstand more pain due to daily use of marijuana. Cannabis extracts cannabinoids that helps you tolerate more because the induced high stops your brain from feeling the pain.

Maintain Weight 

Obesity and obesity-related diseases like higher heart rate, high blood pressure, diabetes and burning heart diseases are very common in the recent and next generation. Obesity comes from lack of exercise, an unhealthy lifestyle, bad diet and at times after pregnancy. Being obese makes you unhealthy and physically unattractive. You start to feel social-anxiety and tension around people.

The best way to get rid of it is in a natural way by exercising, maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy. However maintaining all that is not so easy because of the growing work pressure and competition. Use of cannabis in a smart way can help you get rid of this tension. Various fitness trainers and sportsmen swear that they have used cannabis or cannabis extracts like THVC to remain focused and the weight loss properties of marijuana helped them not only to tone their body but to cope with the post-workout soreness.

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Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). When you consume cannabis, these components get mixed in the blood stream and reach every cell of your body. You can find more information about how long does weed stay in your body fat cells in this study.

Researches show that when you exercise your body automatically creates natural THC and it stays in the adipose tissues and helps to burn them and thus exercising also gives you a feeling of being high. 

Using cannabis also increases the THC level in your blood and when you are high, these cannabis extracts have a similar level of impact on your body and help you burn fat faster.

If you are interested in products containing THC, like delta 8 gummies, take a look at review websites and check out the best THC product awarded by Observer and similar companies. 

When you exercise, your body releases endorphin. This helps you become more focused and happy. If you wish to get rid of the extra fat then mixing exercise with cannabis in your routine has shown to make you more focused and will help you burn fat.

Just remember that cannabis is still a drug and it’s not legalized in some countries.