What Is the Best Season for Hair Transplantation?

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Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that removes hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area.

The recipient area is a bald or balding part of the body. Male pattern baldness is one of the primary conditions that need hair transplantation. Even though this might be minimal, it is an invasive technique.

Bold man isolated on white showing his head before hair transplantation. One part of his head is bold and the other is with transplanted hair

Grafts with hair follicles at the back of the head are not genetically susceptible to balding. Thus, the bald area receives those grafts in hair transplantation. Eyelashes, eyebrows, beard and chest hair are other application areas for this procedure.

On the other hand, in skin grafting, grafts carry almost all the epidermis and dermis around the hair follicle. In contrast to hair transplantation, transplantation in skin grafting include many of the tiny grafts rather than a single strip of skin.

What Is Hair Transplant? 

As balding becomes more prevalent, so does hair transplant surgery. As opposed to a decade ago, balding isn’t a problem without a solution now. Hair transplant centers offer higher quality surgeries and lower prices than ever. You may have heard many terms related to afro american hair transplant or hair transplant. But what is hair transplantation? How does it work?:

  • Hair transplant is the operation of transferring hair follicles from one area to another. The section which hair grafts are harvested from is called the donor area. More commonly, the back of the head is determined to be the donor area as most people lose hair from the top or the front of the head.
    The section to be planted with grafts is called the transplant area. This distinction is very important as these terms are used quite frequently in the world of hair transplant.
  • The number of grafts to be transplanted, and therefore the cost of the surgery, depends entirely on the balding area. A full head of hair typically has 6,000 grafts.
  • There are several types of transplant techniques. However, it can be simplified to two main types; Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). With the FUT method, doctors harvest a strip of skin containing the adequate amount of grafts. Afterwards, that strip is transferred and planted to the desired area.
  • This method is now obsolete and has been dethroned by FUE. With FUE, doctors harvest and plant the grafts individually.
  • Although more tiresome, this method is by far the most sophisticated and gives the best results. Unlike FUT, a more natural hairline can be achieved easily with FUE. 

How Does Permanent Hair Fall Occur?

A man isolated on white standing with his back to the camera brushing his hair that is bolding

We all know that healthy and beautiful hair looks amazing on anyone. However, besides genetics, there are various factors that determine the life of each single hair:

  • Pollution
  • nutrition
  • stress
  • lifestyle
  • medications
  • smoking
  • ageing
  • over-styling and cosmetic procedures 

These factors can ultimately cause premature hair loss. In comparison to women, men are more prone to suffer from those factors. The most significant factor on hair is androgen activity.

Androgen is the male sex hormone and it regulates hair growth and loss. It mostly affects the crown region and the temples and barely affects the occipital region. Hair loss and subsequent regrowth is a natural cycle.

However, if the hair does not regrow in a year of the initial loss, it will never come back again. In this case, we can consider the hair root as dead. The only solution to this is hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Conditions in the Summer

As a result of abundant warmth in the summer, we sweat, dehydrate and get exposed to UV rays. Thus, it is quite normal to feel worried about getting a hair transplant during this season. Still, to help your scalp heal, you can follow some simple aftercare instructions. One of the most crucial issues regarding hair transplantation during summer is oversensitive hair follicles and scar healing process.

After getting a hair transplant, redness on your scalp will appear as a consequence of the tiny incisions that the surgeon made during the procedure.

Nevertheless, the redness will disappear in approximately 10 days and is an indicator for the oversensitivity. Avoiding long-term sun exposure is the key to protect your scalp and help your follicles heal.

To prevent your scalp from getting infected as a result of sweating during summer, you should keep your scalp clean.

How about swimming after a hair transplantation? Although salty sea water is good for body wound, you need to wait for two weeks to a month. The reason is that your follicles are still sensitive. When it comes to swimming in a pool, you need to wait at least for a month after the operation. If you do not wait, the chlorine in the pool water will harm your grafts.

Why Winter Might Be the Best Season to Get a Planting

As it is with any type of surgery, hair transplantation does also require some days of recovery. By remaining at home or by wearing a hat when leaving the house, the winter allows patients to fully recover from their hair transplant.

Without the summer sun, you will not worry about sunburn and sweating that leads to infection at the wound. These will ultimately lead to a smoother recovery.

Typically, you will get noticeable results 6 months after the hair transplantation. By having a hair transplant in winter, you will reap the benefits by summer, when you want to look best.

Elon Mask before and after hair transplantation

You will get full results after a year. This means that if you have the operation in the winter, you will also protect against fall and winter hair loss.

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