What We Know About Kratom and Its Effects on the Brain

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Kratom is gaining popularity so fast, so let’s find out why and what effects it has on our brain.

Kratom use dates back to the 19th century when it started off as a traditional medication. It was mostly used for religious purposes. Its effects are mild in low doses and similar to morphine or codeine, which are the go-to painkilling drugs but at higher doses the herbal ingredient shows similar effects to opioid. The whole plant is useless and only the leaves are used for the medicinal preparations. The leaves are generally sold in the dried and powdered form labeled “not for human consumption”. Gummy extracts of this plant are also sold for medicinal purposes.

Effects of Kratom

Kratom is an herbal product with a chemical composition that is very effective in alleviating pain and it is the primary use for this supplement, though it is extensively used for recreational purposes too. Applying kratom to a physically wounded area or ingesting it to suppress some pain, when even painkillers have proved to be ineffective, is highly beneficial and helpful.

This herbal drug has also shown its amazing effects in relaxing musculoskeletal pains as well as sprains, ankle twists, broken bones, and so on. Apart from acting as a pain-relieving agent, kratom also finds its use in enhancing and controlling hunger. However, if it is used in large quantities it induces loss of appetite. The effects of kratom are much like the effects of coca and hence it is quite active in enhancing sexual desires and capabilities as well. This plant has a profound effect on the body of those suffering from diarrhea and helps curb the inadequacies faced during such a condition. The chemical structure of kratom is that it directly affects the neural receptors in the brain, thus enabling its use as a mood enhancer. Different Kratom strains have different effects which is explored in detail on Bigbearkratom.

Mitragyna speciosa is chemically very rich and consists of over 42 recognized active components. Of the 42 components, kratom has at least 25 alkaloids. The presence of alkaloids at such a high degree gives a very bitter taste to the dried powder and hence it needs to be mixed with external sweeteners before consumption. The main components in the leaves which create all the wonderful effects are mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine. These components resemble opioids in their chemical structure and hence effectively adhere to the opioid receptors in the brain.

Generally, naturally produced chemicals (hormones) such as epinephrine attach to these sites to produce the flight or fight mechanism. Other recreational drugs such as marijuana consists of THC and CBD which also adheres to these sites inducing a stimulating effect. There no detailed studies about the Kratom effects due to the absence of proper clinical tests but it is understood that their action upon the opioid receptors enables the stimulating effect. In very high doses, however, kratom completely behaves as an opioid. In simpler words, kratom use in small quantities gives a burst of energy, enhances sociability and so on. High doses of kratom would, on the other hand, induce drowsiness and even hallucinations.

Side Effects of Kratom

Kratom is a powerful naturally obtained substance that can be put into a wide array of uses. However, like all good things kratom has its limits and disadvantages. Its direct effect on the neural receptors in the brain is harsh when used in high doses and can cause psychotic episodes. Though kratom may be used to treat addiction to narcotics such as morphine and opium, its excessive use can be addictive as well and shows quite devastating withdrawal symptoms when the person stops the intake.

There are many side effects associated with kratom use. The main side effects are:

  • nausea
  • respiratory problems
  • sweating
  • dry mouth
  • constipation
  • hallucinations and so on

At very high doses kratom can have very adverse effects upon the body. Its use is often combined with the use of alcohol and that leads to disastrous results such as liver toxicity, seizures, a comatose state and even death of an individual.

Kratom is quite a powerful drug and is available for sale over the internet. Before going for kratom one should get a detailed idea about the strains, and the kind of effects they have. A wrong step can lead to disastrous results. When intaking kratom stick to the proper dosages to have the best effects.