Why Should You Settle for Dental Implants?

By Top.me

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You will agree with me that teeth are essential bones and just like every other part of your body, teeth succumb to harsh factors causing its deterioration.

Many people are prone to conditions such as tooth decay, which may lead to tooth loss or a case of hypodontia, where one’s teeth fail to develop. Dentists have a solution for these and similar conditions. The answeris simple; dental implantation.

A dental graft is predominantly faux or false teeth that are a complete resemblance to natural teeth, which are drilled into your gum painlessly and naturally. Dental grafts are constructedin a manner that permits it to meld with the bone seamlesslyand can serve as a long-term asset when addressing the substitution of absent or impaired teeth.

The article shall delve into the three main types of dental grafts that one may opt for namely;

  1. Singletooth
  2. Multiple Teeth Implant.
  3. All-on-four Dental Plates.

Single Tooth Implant

It is possible for one to lose a tooth by way of impairment and it can happen to anyone at any time or place. In Miami FL, single tooth implant is the most quotidian form of dental grafts performed, daily. It is essentialwhere one’s lost or decayed tooth is substitutedfor a single implant.

Multiple Teeth Implant

A multiple dental bone graft is fundamentally similar to the single dental implant, only that it physically holds more significant capacity. Ramon Bana DDS who is a dental implant specialist in Miamirecognizes that it is possible for one to lose several teeth but maintain a healthy gum, thus fix you up with multiple teeth implants. The capacity for multipledental bone graft ranges from two to about four teeth. The multiple dental bone graft is conventionally donein 3 stages which involve surgically taking out the injured teeth, grafting of the dental fixtures few days after the tooth removal surgery or immediate placement and eventually plastering of the bridge to support the newly grafted dental implant.

Implant Braced Dentures and Overlay Dentures

It is absolutelypossible and realistic to replace a whole set of teeth, either in the lower jawline or upper jawline. Dr Ramon Bana implant in Miami provides two distinct options of going about it. The first way is by having a permanent fixation of dentures within your teeth socket. The second and opted way is by having a temporary or removable dental model attached to your dental grafts.

The second option has more chosenas it is viewed to be more comfortable and more flexible compared to the permanent fix. However, the first option has its merits as well, they are said to feel like natural teeth and that one does not feel much of a distinction between having natural teeth and the permanent fixation. Thisis because the permanentfabrication of teeth is affixed on the implant and is postoperatively placedonto the jaw.

In conclusion, dental implants costs vary, considering various factors such as the number of teeth being substitutedfor a dental fixture. Safe to say, the methodology also differs with the type of dental bone graft that one shall be undergoing. Regardless, do not hesitate to consult further on dental grafts. A great smile is a great investment.