10 Awesome Tips for Preserving Memories of Your Family

By Top.me

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About one in every nine American adults over the age of 45 experience memory issues. Before your cherished memories start to fade away, it helps to have a plan. That way, you can return to your memories whenever you’d like.

Here are 10 fun ways for preserving memories of your family. With these tips, you can preserve memories for years to come. Let’s begin.                                                                                                       

1. Photo Books

A girl checking her photo book that she made to preserve her memory

In 2017, about 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken around the world. In other words, that’s 160 photos for each of the 7.5 billion humans roaming the earth. One of the best ways to preserve your memories is to start archiving them in a photo book.

Organize your photos in chronological order. Group the photos you have together by month and year. That way, one memory flows into the next. Take the time to remove fuzzy photos. After all, you want to keep your memories sharp. Choose photos that help spark a memory. Have your kids choose a few of their favorite photos, too.

Once you have your photos organized, start scrapbooking. Try to include the date and a brief caption beneath each photo. When your memories start to fade, you can always turn to your photo books for a reminder of your favorite family memories. 

2. Coasters

If you have extra photos you can use, consider creating coasters. This is a great activity you can get the kids involved in.

You’ll need:

  • Photo transfer glue
  • Your photos (printed on normal paper)
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • A dry towel
  • Corkboard
  • Fixing varnish
  • Brushes

Cut the corkboard into small squares. The size is up to you. Just make the photos you print will fit. Next, cut the excess paper from the photo. Using a brush and transfer glue, stick the photo to the tile with the photo facing the cork. Press down. The glue will need a few hours to dry.

Once it’s done, wet the paper using a sponge. As it breaks, clean the paper away and dry your tile using a towel. Once it’s dry, add another layer of glue. Then, finish the image with the varnish. Now you have homemade coasters that containing a beloved moment.

3. Accordion Books

Accordion book with photos on white background

You don’t have to put your photos in a book or box. Instead, put them on display by creating an accordion book. Use washi tape or scrapbook paper to create attractive borders. Then, tie a ribbon to the accordion and hang it up.

4. Collages

For a classier option, consider creating a photo collage and turn it into a game. Make a list of the memories depicted in each photo along with the date. Then, mix up your photos and create the collage. You can even have it framed. Once your collage is made, see if you can match the list of memories to your photos. In addition to preserving memories, you’re also keeping your recall abilities sharp! 

5. Cards and Letters

There are so many fun ways you can preserve memories as a family. For example, you can turn some of your photos into greeting cards.

You’ll need:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Your photos
  • Cardboard

Measure your cardboard pieces so they’re a little wider than each photo’s width. Make sure the cardboard is double the photo’s height. Then, fold the cardboard in the middle to create two flaps. Cut a small window into one of the flaps. Then, position your photo behind it. The window for your photo should appear a little smaller than the photo itself. 

Next, glue down the sides to create your own greeting card! You can add a note to the back of your card along with a brief summary of that memory. If you’re not interested in making cards, consider drafting letters instead. You can create a letter to one of your family members (or to yourself). Make sure to write your letter immediately following a fun event. Which memories do you want to preserve?

Writing a letter will help immortalize the memory. Write naturally; the same way you speak. Then, ask your family member about what they remember from that moment. Exchanging letters will help preserve memories and give you a new perspective about a single moment. 

6. Journaling

Journal full of memories, notes and pictures from the past to preserve the memory

If you don’t have a lot of photos, keep a journal. Journaling is a great way to preserve memories day by day. You can either use paper and pen or start using a smartphone app. Make sure to journal every time you experience a moment you want to preserve through time. 

7. Draw It out

Are you artistic? You can also preserve cherished memories by sketching your favorite moments. Don’t forget to write a little blurb along with your sketch to ensure you don’t forget the details. 

8. Video Journals

Gather all your videos together and create a DVD of different memories. You might need to download video from Facebook and Instagram first. If you don’t have many videos to work with, start keeping a video journal to document your day!

9. Make It Digital

Before placing these photos in a scrapbook, take the time to digitize them. That way, you have an extra copy you can access from any device. Make sure to keep your digital copies organized, too. Having digital copies of your photos will ensure your memories are protected in case of a fire. You can also share your digital photos online with family and friends who are miles away.

10. Tell Stories Together

A happy family at the table is smiling and communicating.

Did you enjoy a family trip together? Ask everyone to tell a story from that trip. Then, document those memories in your journal. Oral storytelling is a great method of preserving memories as a family. Even as your memories fade, your children can remind you of those moments.

Make your memories last. With these tips for preserving memories, you won’t have to worry about your memories fading. Instead, you can use these tips to go back in time.