6 Ways to Overcome Jealousy and Envy

By Top.me

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Disasters can be of two kinds: when you are not lucky and when others are. This statement is well known by envious people, but they still don’t know which disaster makes them suffer more. This feeling deprives of joy and makes you constantly comparing yourself to others.

Sometimes, when looking at a beautiful, expensive thing or a happy person, we feel envy. This feeling is very unhealthy and counterproductive. How often do you feel jealous of men who are dating some beauties?

How to overcome jealousy

It puts the envious person in the position of a weak person, makes him nervous and embittered. Envy is an emotional reaction, it seems almost involuntary. Many people think that you cannot fight it. But they are wrong.

In order to “cut off oxygen” to your envy, you need to make efforts and think clearly and rationally. And if the background check of the person doesn’t help check these tips that can help you do so:

Remember Your Achievements

Watching how successful a person is, we sometimes miss that point that we also have great achievements in our lives. There is an option for you to work it through: take a pen and make a list of the various things that you possess, and which many other people lack.

Include stuff that you usually take for granted, such as support of your family and a beloved one, a degree, a car, an interesting work, health benefits, etc. It makes us realize our own achievements. It will make you feel satisfied and help understand that you have much more than you think you do.

Learn to Compromise

Do you envy a man who can do things that you can’t? Even if you also can do things he can’t! You see, people who brilliant in physics are often helpless in arts, literature or music.

All people have both strong and weak sides, and we’d better understand and accept the reality as soon as possible, as our self-esteem depends on it. Besides, sometimes we forget that some things and goals require efforts and sacrifices. You won’t become a Hollywood celebrity unless you sacrifice your private life or a top-model unless you compromise your diet. It’s essential that you realize what you need to give up in order to get what you want.

Find Inspiration

Watch your surrounding and draw up a list of people who will be truly happy seeing you getting closer to your dream and becoming successful. Each of them should understand that the exchange of positive emotions will satisfy and warm you two up and will strengthen the bond between you. Let these people inspire you. And their joy and pride will be your reward for things you achieve. Get more inspired with these 101 slides full of motivation and words of wisdom.

Put Efforts

Take care of people

Keep in mind that in order to get benefits, people have to work hard. Imagine that you are at the top of your career, and other employees are jealous of it, not knowing how much effort you put to climb to the top. It is always useful to note how hard other people work and not take them for granted.

Find Your True Desires

All of us set different requirements, demands… We wish for different things… However, we have one thing in common – we often forget about our true desires when we are envy. For instance, you watch your fellow in a brand new sport car and you immediately wish to have the same one, missing the bigger picture – that your family needs a minivan.

Or that you do not really need a car, because you can get to your office twice faster using underground? We often wish for things out of pure envy, but as soon as we get what we want, we realize that it does not meet our goals. The worst part is that we use our energy unreasonably, in vain.


If you are constantly jealous of someone, give him (or her) something pleasant. It can be a thing, an object or even a favor. Something that a person has dreamed about. After that, every time you think off how happy the one was receiving the present from you, you will begin to experience positive emotions, as well. Pleasing others, even in small things, makes us happier.

Envy is a symptom of the lack of evaluation of our own uniqueness and significance. This feeling overwhelm us easily, but fortunately, it is not that difficult to get rid of it. All you need is to stop and think for a few seconds. As soon as we understand what we are doing, we become aware of whether we need it or not.

Treat other people with an open mind and positive attitude. And most importantly – treat yourself positively, so that all negative feelings turn into positive, productive emotions.