Look Great, Feel Great

By Top.me

Look great, feel healthy and live happy with Top.me.

If you feel great on the inside, you will look good on the outside. This goes for  teenagers to pensioners, for both men and women. Across the board, looking good starts on the inside.

[spoiler title=”Summary: Style- The Basics” style=”fancy”] “Look Great, Feel Great” is a  slogan for a lot of style companies, but really, with regards to health the opposite is true. In fact, the better you feel on the inside, and the healthier you are, the better you will look. By ensuring proper nutrition, exercise, and rest for your body, your skin will be more beautiful, hair will be healthier, and body will look better. Rather than focusing on trendy clothes and makeup alone, by making sure that you are healthy, you are taking the most important steps to looking great.[/spoiler] The saying that beauty comes from within is not only referring to one’s personality traits, but the fact that to LOOK healthy, you need to live an active, healthy lifestyle and FEEL healthy.  To do this, you just need to know and understand the basics of health.

There are a number of ways to alter your style to try and look better or healthier – for example fashion or make-up – but at the end of the day, true beauty comes from following a nutritious and balanced diet, exercising, and looking after your emotional wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle is a stylish one!

Tips of How to Keep Looking Good

There are a number of ways in which people spend money in an attempt to make themselves look better, but the best way to look good is to feel good and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Here’s how…

healthy face


When you feel under the weather, people tend to notice. One of the main reasons is the change in your skin (tone or colouring). A dull complexion can be the result of bad habits and bad lifestyle choices.

You skin is your ‘canvas’ – it is a real reflection of your health and wellbeing and it is very susceptible to external factors. If you’ve been exposed to sun and had excessive sun damage to your skin, the chances are good that your face and skin will have sun spots and wrinkles. It is more likely to be susceptible to premature aging. This is also the case if you smoke, or if you drink too much alcohol (and your skin is dehydrated). What you do to your body shows in your face. If you use sun protection, quit smoking, and have a good skincare routine (such as the legendary Mary Kay American skincare line), your skin will look and feel better for many years to come.

Importantly, what you feed or fuel your body with, will also be reflected in the way that you look (and feel). The saying, “You are what you eat,” is very true. If you eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water, your skin will be hydrated and fresh. Food, herbs, and drinks worth introducing into your diet include: peppermint, green tea, beetroot, avocado, garlic, broccoli, red grapes, watercress, brown rice and nuts.

A good night’s sleep, exercise, and a less stressful lifestyle also help banish the wrinkles and give you a fresher appearance. Some things are simply down to our genetics, but we can do an awful lot in our everyday lives to help our personal style improve and develop. We can look younger for longer without spending a fortune, just by investing a little time and energy.

If you struggle with acne, following a healthier diet for just a few weeks can clear breakouts and noticeably alter your appearance and boost your vitamin and mineral intake. Nails, hair, and teeth take a little while longer to strengthen, but the changes do happen by providing your body with the right things! You get out what you put in!


If you exercise, eat well, and drink lots of water, your body will be stronger to fight off bacteria. This is especially important for oral health. You will have healthier gums and teeth as a result of a healthier lifestyle. Your body can fight off gum disease and other oral infections and your healthy, beautiful smile will dramatically improve your style and appearance. Did you know that if you cut back on sugar in your diet and drink more water, your teeth and gums will be healthier? Certain foods are good for your oral health, such as apples, raw carrots, and celery. These are known as tooth-cleaning foods (i.e. they help clean your teeth as you eat them) and leave you with cleaner teeth and fresher breath.



If you are feeling ill, your hair tends to look limp, dull, and lifeless. If you have a bad diet, the chances are that your body is lacking in vital minerals and vitamins and the nutrients needed for good health, including good hair (healthy hair follicles and scalp). If you cut out smoking and get a good night’s rest, these factors will also help give you luscious locks! Some foods that are said to be good for healthy hair include protein-rich food such as salmon (fish), walnuts, spinach, eggs, oysters, some poultry, Greek yogurt and blueberries. These foods have a lot of nutritious value for overall health. Once you’ve sorted your food and exercise out, your hair should grow faster and thicker … and you’ll be able to visit your hairdresser for a nice pampering!


Body image and weight are directly linked and cause a lot of problems for people’s self-esteem (particularly teenagers). Some things, like hormones and genetics, play a part in the way that we look and our natural body shapes, but we can make changes to improve our body image that leave us feeling healthier and happier. Did you know that just 20-30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise will help us lose weight as well as have a healthy heart and better appearance? Exercise is important for weight loss, body strength, fighting off illnesses, and more. How we fuel our body will have a direct reflection on our weight and appearance. If we have  problems with our body, such as a bad back or aching knees, it is worth seeking help. Having chronic pain, even if it seems manageable, can reflect in your appearance and create long term problems for your health.


Style comes from within. You can only truly look good if you feel good. If you have a healthy routine, are fully rested, and you’re happy on the inside, you will be able to face your day with a smile and look better.

There are so many solutions out there to improve our appearance – miracle cure face creams, expensive hair treatments, even cosmetic surgery. As a society, we are much more likely to buy beauty magazines and react to the advertisements by buying expensive goodies for our appearance rather than spend on gym membership or a personal trainer. People look up to various celebrities and aspire to be like them and look like them. But the truth is, if you look after your body and health on the inside and invest in YOU, the way you look on the outside (your style) will be taken care of.