Hacks to Build Your Self Confidence

By Top.me

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You yearn to be a great professional and do better than your colleagues at work, but cannot due to low confidence – what to do?

A recent survey reveals that confidence is the key to securing a position at the workplace. Likewise, employees that are confident about their skills and ability to pull off complex tasks are more likely to be promoted than those that lack confidence. This highlights that to be a successful employee, you need to raise your level of self-confidence.

A man on grey in a nice grey suitA woman is standing in front of the wall feeling non confident and her with her shadow as a wonder woman

You can do that by using tricks and mind hacks that will work wonders for you as a person and as a professional. For those of you suffering from chronic conditions like Diabetes, you can keep your confidence level high by managing your health condition using supplies manufactured by top-rated equipment suppliers.

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Start Small

Raising one’s self-confidence takes time to help if you start on a small scale. Set yourself small goals that you can do with ease. Set a goal that is more difficult to achieve than the one you have developed earlier. This way, you will feel more confident when approaching the task. Keep doing this, and you will feel that your confidence level increases each time you successfully meet a goal.  

Be an Analytical Thinker

You can think analytically without running into trouble. Think of a problem and come up with ways to solve it. When done, think of another way of solving the same problem. Do this multiple times, and you will notice that you are now able to solve problems. Call it programming if you like, but this exercise will tune your mind to come up with numerous solutions for a problem. 

Avoid Comparing Yourself with Others

This is a handy trick to raise your level of confidence at the workplace. Every person has an exceptional talent, and so do you. Your colleague may be good at their work, and you should be at yours. This shows that people only excel at doing things that they are best at. A poet is good at poetry and a writer at writing. Identify the talent you are good at, and work on ways to do it perfectly. Instead of comparing, it would help more if you explore ways to nurture your talent. 

Cherish Your Success

No matter what others say, but cherishing your success is by no means ordinary. Think of all the tasks you have completed and celebrate them anyway. This will help raise your level of confidence and gear you up for more. Make a list of tasks you have successfully achieved so far. This mentally and physically prepares you to accomplish your future tasks.

Avoid Doubting Your Abilities

One of the worst things about having low self-esteem is that you begin to doubt your abilities. In the longer run, this makes you a skeptic of your abilities, which leaves you at the mercy of colleagues. Avoid this by feeling confident that you will succeed anyway. This self-assurance will raise your level of confidence and remove any doubts you may have about your abilities.

Be Curious

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Feel a sense of curiosity about the task you need to perform. This way, you will want to learn more about the task and practices you can serve it better. Employees that are curious about tasks are more teachable. Likewise, maintaining your curiosity when performing a task keeps you stay alert and observant.

Counter Negative Thoughts 

Some employees tend to think negatively from time to time. This could be due to the ongoing circumstances at the workplace. The easy way of countering negative thoughts is to come up with positive ideas. Give each review around twenty seconds before moving to the next idea. Remember, rejecting your emotions may surround you with more thoughts, so take your time and focus on positive thoughts only.


Believe it or not, but talking to yourself can increase your level of confidence manifold. Talking to yourself is by no means abnormal. On the contrary, doing it regularly can make you smarter and raises your ability to focus. Make sure to keep your talks positive if you wish to harness the power of positive self-talk. 

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

This one may take more time to master, but it will give you tremendous boost in self-confidence once you are through. Put yourself through uncomfortable situations and come up with solutions to overcome them. Completing each task will raise your confidence, and you will be surprised to see your ability to accomplish every task.

Be Kind to Others

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One of the better ways to feel confident is by being kind to others. By doing an act of kindness, you make someone’s day pleasant. In hindsight, you will be surprised to know how this affects your day. Make it a habit, and your petty concerns will go away. 

Manage Time for Yourself

Do this more often as it will make you realize your importance. Spend one or two hours every weekend thinking about what yourself only. Doing so will make you gather your thoughts about yourself and those around you. Please take it as an exercise and do it regularly. You will be amazed how it can help restore your lost confidence. 

Go through the above and start implementing these as soon as you can. It will restore your confidence to the extent that you will feel the change in you. It’s time to see the confident you.