Healthy Habits of a Martial Arts Master


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Mastering martial arts is something that can only be done through extremely hard work and discipline, so it is no wonder that Martial Arts masters are often treated with admiration and respect. However, physical skill is not the only characteristic of martial arts masters.

Their mental and psychological states are just as important and as inspiring as their physical strength. Their progress in martial arts would be impossible without their mental forte, which enables them to be disciplined and push through each and every training session.

You might wonder: What makes these martial arts masters so fit, motivated and disciplined?

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Many people often ask how these masters have reached that level of dedication and prowess. Well, the answer lies in their healthy habits. Here are some of the useful, healthy habits of martial arts masters that we can all learn from and be inspired by.

Keep High Moral Standards

The main idea behind all martial arts teachings is to always do the right thing even when no one is looking and stick to a high moral code. This applies to everything in life and especially to your attitude towards training.

It means going through your practice no matter what and not giving up after a bad session.

It’s sticking with what you’ve started and not giving up when it becomes hard, or when you feel tired. As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” and to master a skill, you often need to simply grit your teeth and push through.

Set Your Goals

Having something to work towards helps you achieve results with a clear sense of purpose and direction. This goal doesn’t have necessarily have to be winning an award.

Your whole training should revolve around your own aims and pushing your boundaries to reach higher goals. Also, setting an additional number of smaller, gradual goals can help you even further, since it constantly gives you something to work towards.

Find Professional Support

It is of utmost importance to have people who are professionals or experts around you when it comes to the martial art you are trying to perfect. 

This goes for any level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a professional competitor, everyone could use reliable advice or a skillful training partner that can even help you with choosing the right and quality sport gear such as gloves, footwear and head gear. Additional reading

This is the attitude of a good gym, where anyone who wants to train is welcome and is sure to get adequate professional support and attention, no matter the skill level they possess.

Everyone is approached on a personal level and the teachers are there to tailor the sessions according to one’s abilities and goals. Whether you are a beginner or an award-winning professional, you will surely find assistance corresponding to your needs.

Keep a Positive Outlook

In addition to sticking to your word and your training, you also need to feel positive about it. No matter what you are training for and what your goal is, you mustn’t allow bad experiences to bring you down easily.

Being fully resolved to fulfill a goal and having a clear picture of what it would look and feel like greatly helps many successful martial artists. This is because it gives you something to strive for as well as the confidence to do it.

Accept Your Mistakes 

The masters aren’t where they are now because they gave up the first time they encountered a difficulty. That is an important step in achieving the highest possible skill level – working through your mistakes, embracing them and not allowing yourself to give up.

This kind of perseverance requires mental strength, which you gradually build along the way, just like with your physical mastery of the skill.

Take Care of Your Body

This primarily means catching enough sleep as well as taking in enough nutrients both before and after the training in order to keep your body functioning well. By doing this, your body will help you achieve your full potential.

Similarly, hard daily trainings shouldn’t be among your habits. This is because an intense training tempo can put too much strain on your body and hold you back from reaching your goal, rather than push you towards it.

The best and extremely important thing to do is respect your body, nourish it and give it enough rejuvenating and energizing rest.


Meditation can be a truly helpful addition to your training routine. The benefits from meditation can be manifold and the main focus of it is body and mind relaxation. Without a doubt, the trainings are quite demanding and, in a way, a stressful experience.

That is why an introduction to it is necessary. For instance, meditation stress-release can help immensely in terms of body and mind unwinding, prior to an exhausting training session as well as a restoration of energy afterwards.

This way, you’ll not only approach the training stress-free, but you’ll be centered and focused. As a result, you will be making the best out of your session. Additionally, it can help you maintain your positive attitude and enable you to fulfill your goals successfully.

Warm Up

Meditation is the first step in pre-training sessions during which you unwind. The physical warm-up is as important, since it keeps your body injury-free. On top of that, it should allow you to use 100% of your potential and make the training really count.

Eat Healthy

It is important to take in enough calories prior to the training session and after it. However, it is even more important that the food you eat is healthy and rich in useful nutrients.

healthy eating

Eating these kinds of food will energize your body, as opposed to empty, useless calories you can get from unhealthy options such as fast food. Make it even easier for you with stocking your kitchen with healthy ingredients that can be used in multiple meals, you will be prepared to make food that is both good and available at a moment’s notice. 

Hydrate Your Body Regularly

Drinking enough water is as important as proper nutrition. Training or no training, your body needs constant re-hydration in order to remain healthy.

The time around your training is the most important time when you need to replenish the water supply in your system. Keep this in mind throughout the day, especially on training days.

It is clear that in order to master a skill as demanding as martial arts, one needs to be in top physical and mental shape. This tip top condition is achieved through nothing less than immense effort and focus.

Both physical and mental strength are built gradually by disciplined and decisive training, through failure and success as well as learning how to deal with and embrace both. Also, having a supportive and educated training surroundings is a huge plus.

However, dedication to the training is only half of the work. The other half is taking care of your body and treating it responsibly. Don’t neglect or abuse your body, but instead, help it prepare for and recover from each strenuous session you put it through.

Your diet should contain enough useful ingredients that would help your body recover. Water is also as important, since your body must be hydrated in order for it to function properly.

This is where rest, relaxation and proper nutrition come into focus. It is truly important to understand how valuable proper sleep is. In addition to that, including meditation in your warm-up routine is always a good idea.

All in all, it all comes down to great commitment, resolution and pure hard work.