9 Fatigue Busting Strategies to Refill Your Energy Tank

By Top.me

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Being tired is something we can’t avoid. Even those of us who sleep well and eat right still run out of energy sometimes. What may seem like routine tiredness could be something even more serious called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Fatigue is tiredness to a higher extreme and can have devastating effects, like lowered response times or being unable to function throughout the day. No worries! We know nine ways to restore your energy and break free from fatigue.

1. Cool Down

Being tired can be just as physical a condition as it can be mental. But there are ways to treat your body in order to boost your brain’s activity levels. For tiredness, the simple act of running cold water over your wrists or splashing it on your face is enough to give you a proper jolt. The cold water acts as a stressor, which cause your body to release the energizing hormone noradrenaline. This works because beneath your skin are hundreds of nerve endings so the response will be very quick.

2. Mind Your Sugars

Processed Sugars


Food plays a direct role in how we feel. High processed and sugary foods are filled with empty calories, contain virtually no nutritional value and are some of the main culprits when it comes to using up your energy reserves. Snacking on these foods through the day can cause a sugar crash, where after a burst of energy, you feel immediately and incredibly tired. Reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet to keep your energy up.

3. Check Your Meds

If you’re taking any kind of medication regularly, they could be affecting your sleep and energy levels. Common allergy medicines can make you feel drowsy, which can be dangerous if you take them before driving. Check the labels to see if fatigue is one of the side effects of your medicine. If so, consult with your doctor to see if you need to change or find an alternative.

4. Get Some Sleep

Quick Nap

Getting the right amount of good sleep is something that is not only great for getting your energy up but also for your general health. Naps can be useful because they result in renewed alertness and increased performance. If you’re feeling like you aren’t getting a full night’s rest, a quick ten minute nap should help you survive the day.

5. Take Citrulline Malate

This is a great supplement for raising your energy levels. It can reduce your fatigue by increasing your body’s blood circulation. Taking about 6 grams per day regularly can give you the energy needed to meet work deadlines or push through your workouts.

6. Increase Your Movement

It might seem strange, but sitting for increased periods of time can actually make you feel tired. Sitting at your desk for work or just browsing social networks can cause your body to slump and lose energy. While at work, take a few minutes to stand and move around the office. You can also add in a few light exercise routines.

7. Drink More Water

Our bodies need a consistent amount of water in order to function properly. When we lose water and become dehydrated, there can be a long list of negative side effects. Dehydration is also one way we lose energy. Our bodies are working harder and with less resources, so this promotes feelings of tiredness.

8. Eat Often and Well

Healthy Food

Food is basically fuel for our bodies. Skipping meals can often lead to lowered blood sugar levels and lessened energy throughout the day. Be sure to eat breakfast in order to give your body the nutrition needed to really start your day on a high. Aim to have a balanced meal, as well. Choosing the proper amount of whole grains, vegetables, proteins and fruits will help your body function at its best.

9. Move On

One thing that will definitely sap your energy is thinking and trying to relive a past decision or mistake. Whether it was a missed appointment or a bad date, thinking about it will be tiring and unproductive. These negative feelings can manifest as fatigue as our brains try to process the situation. Releasing the past can help you raise your energy levels while also making you happier.

Fighting the after lunch slump can be done in a variety of ways. Diminished energy levels aren’t always a sign of aging and should be monitored if being constantly tired becomes too regular. With a few lifestyle changes, it’s possible to overcome the fatigue. Trying to get too much out of the day can leave you overwhelmed and tired. But with these helpful hints, you might be able to accomplish more than you initially thought that you could.