Online Gaming and Its Effect on Brain Development


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There are a number of studies that try to correlate between gambling and mental health. Few of them mention the benefits related to memory train and attention span.

Many people who play online depend only on luck in order to win. If they feel lucky, then it’s the right time to play. The secret trick to giving yourself a greater chance to win is to train your brain for possible outcomes. If you want to win, start training your brain to be able to calculate the odds, spot patterns and being able to focus throughout the game.

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How do you train your brain? Aside from the entertainment value, a recent study titled “Brains and Video Games” found that there is a direct connection between gaming and cognitive functions. In addition, the more you play the better you get at winning. The saying “practice makes perfect” may not be completely accurate, but practicing will logically make you better at what you’re practicing. Consider these brain boosting exercises if you want to improve your skills:

Use Your Less Dominant Hand

Try using the other hand to control your mouse moves. It may feel weird and a bit difficult at first, but as you do this more often your brain will get accustomed to it. Soon you’ll be able to do this on other tasks such as writing, brushing your teeth or eating. This exercise encourages the growth of new nerve pathways.

Make Memorizing a Habit

Perform exercises that will boost your memory such as memorizing the grocery list. Try to solve crossword puzzles or try to recall past event details. New online slots games are visually appealing and interactive. For most of them, the only requirement with the system is to make colour combinations and match objects. However, when it comes to gaming strategy, these games are not that challenging. Let’s take the example of playing poker – there are various combinations like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Wild, All American and so on. You need to be able to remember the slight difference of each variant.

Change Your Gaming Routine

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Having the same routine each day will cause your brain to feel “lazy” because it experiences the same things over and over. When you start doing something differently, you keep your brain engaged and keen to remember new activities. If you are comfortable playing three-match games, try something different other than collecting diamonds and smashing fruits. Engage and plan your moves with a more demanding approach.

Get Smarter With Your Money

Playing online casino games will teach you how to effectively manage your bank balance. If you’re weighing up your risk and reward ratio wisely, you’ll definitely be drawing on a bit of math skills and smart decision making. Various data research shows that the brain can function above the average 10% of the capacity. Soon you will make more logical moves and decisions according to your spending. It’s a learning process basically, the one you need to undertake of your own volition.

It’s not just how you respond emotionally to events which can impact your game. Your general ability to recall information will also influence your success as a gambler. Skill-based casino table games allow you to accurately memorize facts relating to odds, strategy and other players’ actions at the table to make better decisions.

To summarize, researching statistics, completing mental exercises and logically evaluating the success of your previous turns will help in training your brain to think rationally and make better decisions, which should lead to better returns in every area and aspect of your lifestyle.