Planning to Work From Home? You Might Want to Reconsider It!


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Workplaces have changed drastically in the past few years, and we have seen examples of these in the new uber cool offices of Google and Facebook.

This new trend of altering the look of the workplaces is a part of the constant attempt to enhance working experience of employees and to give them conducive environment. Companies have already started adopting some cloud technologies like GPU VPS Hosting and Windows Virtual Desktop Azure etc.

The latest addition to this trend is working from home. Yet another boon of the internet, remote working has become a cool option for young people and college students who want to increase their pocket money for all their college trips and adventures.

Not only this, even professionals now have ditched the idea of going to an “office” every day and started to work from home. Despite all the attractive sides, there are some serious pros and cons of remote working, which a person should consider before treading on this path.

Long Sitting Hours

While working from home it is often the case that you have to spend long working hours in front of a computer screen. Consequently, the increased exposure of eyes to bright white light can be extremely harmful.

Girl is sitting at the table in front of the laptop with a cup of coffee and talking on the phone. She is working from home

In addition to this, if your body does not move frequently various complications related to spine and body posture arise. Hence, it is best advised to take light strolls in between work sessions. In addition to this, you can also perform some stretching exercises which will relax your muscles and maintain healthy blood flow.

Income Security

If you interview people engaged in remote working, a majority of them would reply that their biggest concern is lack of security. The feeling of not knowing whether you would still have work in a few months stresses most of them.

In a study conducted on remote working individuals, another concern which was highlighted related to the lack of coverage of government security policies. This is especially true in the United States, where self-employed are not covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Both these factors of decreased income security and lack of government social security increase perils of remote workers. Due to the lack of income security, many individuals choose to over-commit, which further reduces their efficiency.