Signs That You Have Been Prescribed the Wrong Medication


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If you have been prescribed medication by your doctor, no doubt you trust wholeheartedly in the expertise of their medical advice.

However, misdiagnosis and prescription medication errors are among the most common instances of medical malpractice. While your doctor could be to blame for wrongfully handing you a script that is not suitable, your pharmacist could also be behind your prescription medication error. Even a pharmacist can make the mistake of giving you the wrong type of medication according to your script.

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When suspecting that you have been taking the wrong prescription medication, looking for a medical malpractice lawyer should be your first step towards determining your legal rights and whether you are entitled to compensation for any damages caused by mistake. With that said, we have listed a few sure signs that you may be taking the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage.

Experiencing Unknown Side Effects

Your doctor is legally obligated to explain all the side effects and benefits of the medication they are recommending. Neglecting to inform you adequately of the known side effects of the drug is considered medical malpractice. So if you are experiencing unknown side effects during the beginning phase of taking your medication, you should immediately consult your doctor. Suppose your doctor is not as helpful as they should be; you should consult another doctor for a second opinion.

Extreme Adverse Reactions

In some cases, patients can experience extreme adverse reactions that are either not listed side effects or known side effects that should not be as severe. If your medication is causing extremely unbearable side effects, you may be taking the wrong medication. On the other hand, the type of medication may be correct while the dosage may be too high. Being prescribed a too high dosage is also considered medical malpractice as your doctor should evaluate this aspect before prescribing medications.

Later Developing a Health Condition

Unfortunately, there are instances in which patients cannot identify the early signs of being prescribed the wrong medication and later develop additional ailments as a direct result of the medication error. Therefore, if you develop an illness after taking your medication for some time, such as blood clots, migraines, and various others, you should seek a second opinion while consulting a medical malpractice lawyer. The latter development of a health condition caused by incorrect prescription medications is extremely dangerous and even fatal.

Following up on All Your Symptoms and Side Effects

The best way to be sure that your medication is correct and that it is working as it should is to follow up with your healthcare practitioner regarding all your symptoms and side effects. Suppose you suspect that you have been given the wrong medicine.

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In that case, it is always best to seek a second opinion from another healthcare practitioner to gain further insight into your condition, medication, and the correct dosage. Because even expert healthcare practitioners can make mistakes, you should always follow up on your experience to be sure errors can be identified before they spiral into more severe health concerns in the long run.