Vape Use: Does It Affect Your Mental Health?


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There is no doubt that many people are discussing the implications of vaping when it comes to human health. Vapes have become increasingly popular over recent years.

More people are becoming aware of these devices and using them for varied reasons. But, there is a stigma that is surrounding the use of these devices.

Vape use is a relatively new phenomenon when compared to traditional smoking. It’s, therefore, reasonable to wonder how they affect your mental health. Currently, there is no conclusive, long-term research data to show whether vaping is good or bad for human health.

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Nevertheless, researchers are speculating about the effects of vapes on mental health based on what they know about the ingredients of what people are vaping.

The Ways Vape Use Can Affect Your Mental Health


You’ve probably heard a person that vapes the best cbd vape juice ( it helps to relax. This cannabidiol is known to calm the minds of its users. But, this effect can also be attributed to the addiction a person may have developed from smoking.

A person that has been used to smoking develops craving when they go without doing it for some time. Using a vape mimics traditional smoking. This brings the desired sensation of relaxation that most people associate with vaping.

Nevertheless, research has shown that cannabidiol has calming effects on the central nervous system. That’s why some scientists claim it has the potential to help with different mental health problems, including anxiety, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.


Just like traditional cigarettes, vapes are used to deliver nicotine into the body. That means a person that uses a vape and a smoker ends up getting nicotine into their bodies. As such, chances of becoming addicted to nicotine are almost the same for a smoker and a vaper.

However, some people are using CBD vape oil. These are using vapes to get the potential health benefits of cannabidiol without exposing their bodies to the harmful effects of the contents of the smoke of traditional cigarettes. Whether smoke is from marijuana or tobacco, it has tar and carcinogens that are harmful to the human body.

The primary reason for inventing vapes or electronic cigarettes was to minimize the harmful effects of inhaled smoke. When a person uses a vape, they inhale vapor instead of smoke. That means they get the effects of nicotine or cannabidiol without exposing their bodies to the harmful effects of smoke. According to Public Health England, vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking by around 95%.


Using vapes to ingest nicotine can lead to addiction, as hinted. When your brain doesn’t get the nicotine, it is addicted to it, and it gets into a stressed state. Vaping or using a vape to supply nicotine to the body provides a soothing therapy. But, this soothing effect disappears after some time. This brings back stress again.

Long-term stress leads to anxiety. As such, using a vape to ingest nicotine can bring about psychological stress and eventual anxiety. Nicotine can seem to help with tension reduction.

However, it does not effectively deal with anxiety symptoms or underlying causes. Nevertheless, using vapes to ingest the CBD vape juice can help by enabling you to enjoy the calming effects of cannabidiol. This can lower stress levels and the chances of developing anxiety. It’s, therefore, not surprising that some people use their vapes to ingest cannabidiol before going to bed to lower stress and anxiety level. This helps them fall asleep faster.


A smoker that suffers from depression can have a tough time trying to quit. That’s because withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for giving depressed people positive feelings. Nicotine works by stimulating the release of this hormone. Therefore, using vapes for a long time leads to nicotine addiction, and the brain becomes dependent on it for stimulation to release dopamine.

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Over time, the brain starts releasing less dopamine, and this is bad for depressed individuals. As such, a person has to vape nicotine to deal with depression. Nevertheless, some people are avoiding this effect by vaping the best CBD vape oil.

The overall effects of vaping or using vapes are not known. That’s because vapes are relatively new devices, and no long-term studies have been done on their use. Nevertheless, how vapes use affects a person is mainly dependent on the ingredients of the e-juice or e-liquid they vape. If you must use vapes, experts recommend using the best CBD oil for vaping.