Benefits of CBD Oil


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Cannabidiol (CBD) oil produced from cannabis. Being a cannabinoid, it contains chemicals that naturally exist in marijuana plants.

However, it does not create any intoxication even though it’s a marijuana product. CBD oil faces some controversy due to the recreational use of marijuana. Concerted efforts have been made to create awareness about the possible health advantages of using CBD oil. Discussed below are the six potential medical applications of CBD:

Anxiety Relief

CBD has been shown to potentially help with managing anxiety. Researchers believe that it can change your brain receptors’ response to serotonin, a chemical that is linked to mental health. A study found that using a 600mg dosage of CBD helped persons who have social anxiety to deliver a speech.

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Early studies conducted on animals demonstrated that CBD oil benefits with Penguin include relieving anxiety by reducing stress, inducing sleep in insomnia cases, and improving PTSD symptoms among others. 

Managing Seizures

CBD has been in the limelight in the past as a possible means of treating epilepsy. However, research into this is still in its early stages. Researchers are trying to determine just how much CBD can be used to manage seizures in people with epilepsy while ensuring the safety standards are met. A 2016 study with 214 epileptic participants observed that 36.5 percent of the participants had fewer seizures per month after using 2 to 5mg of CBD daily alongside their current medication. The experiment, however, had 12 percent of participants who had severe adverse effects. 


Researchers are investigating the CB1 brain receptor to find out how CBD can help neurodegenerative people. This condition encompasses diseases that cause the nerves and brain to deteriorate over time. The research focuses on how CBD oil can be used to treat multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. The oil may also be used to reduce inflammations that worsen neurodegenerative symptoms. Further research into the matter is being conducted to fully comprehend the impact of CBD oil on neurodegenerative diseases.

Relieving Pain

CBD oil impact on the brain’s receptors can be used to manage pain. Studies have continuously demonstrated that cannabis offers various benefits when taken after chemotherapy procedures. Cannabis has also been established to play a role in relieving various symptoms caused by MS pain, arthritis, chronic pain, and muscle pain among others. 

Managing Acne

CBD has effects on receptors which may help in reducing overall body inflammation. Consequently, CBD oil benefits with Penguin may be used as a means for acne management. According to studies, the CBD oil prevents activity in sebaceous glands thereby reducing sebum production. The overproduction of sebum leads to acne which is thus reduced by the use of CBD oil. However, it is important to discuss with your dermatologist before adopting CBD oil. 

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The use of CBD oil has been shown to have a lot of advantages offered to its users. Therefore, you should strive to acquire yours today to enjoy CBD oil benefits with Penguin. However, before using CBD oil for medicinal purposes, it is important to consult with your doctor to ensure you don’t suffer from unwanted body reactions.