Where Is Rock Bottom? 5 Signs You Need Help With Your Addiction

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Experts suggest one in seven people in the U.S. will struggle with addiction. In reality, though, there’s a very small percentage of those people who will get help. 

The reason is that most people aren’t aware their addiction has taken control of their lives. Most people think they can handle it on their own, which results in higher risks. So, how to understand when you need help? 

How to Tell You Need Help

Getting the help you need is about recognizing the signs before it’s too late. Here are some signs to look for when you think you could be in trouble. 

First Arrest 

For some, it only takes the words of a loved one to make them realize they need help. But not everyone is that conscious of their addiction. That first jail visit, after being caught under the influence, is embarrassing. First, you have to tell someone close to you, and then you have to appear in court. Likely, this is the first time you’ve ever been there. If you weren’t aware of your problem before, you will be after a night in jail. 

Harmful Behavior 

You know that your addiction has gotten out of hand when harmful behaviors start. You might have lashed out at someone who was only trying to help. Sometimes, accidents can happen when under the influence. Or, you reverted to harming yourself because of the feelings your substances give you. Once you reach this point, rehab is a safe option for yourself and your loved ones. Inpatient rehabs, like this center, will offer treatments as well as therapy. So, you can work on your addiction while also mending your relationships. 

Loss of Job or School 

Addiction of any kind can be all-consuming and cause you to lose things close to you. For most, the loss of a job is the final straw that pushes them toward rehab. For others, losing their scholarships or place in school because of bad grades is it. The bottom line is, addiction makes it difficult to think about the things that matter. 

You Have Withdrawals

“My addiction doesn’t have control over me.” You’ve likely said these words several times. You hope it’s true, and so does everyone else. But the sign that it does have control over you is that you have withdrawals. Headaches, shaking, paranoia, and even nausea will keep you from walking away. 

You’ve Been Confronted

One of the best ways to tell if you have a drug problem is to rely on your friends and family. If you’re approached several times from people who care, then you have a problem. They’ve seen the progression of your illness, and they can see its toll on you. 

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Addiction is a disease. It can ruin your health, your family, and everything else you hold. If any of these signs sound familiar, then you need help. Are you in the middle of your rehab journey? Visit this post for some ways that meditation can help with recovery.