5 Best Booty Bands to Put Your Glutes on Fire

By Top.me

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Want to add resistance to your butt and leg workouts to make them slimmer and tighter without using dumbbells and barbells? Then you need booty bands

A hip band or booty band is a cheap and versatile device that can effectively target not only your glutes but strengthen the whole body on the go or home.  There are bands that are made of latex rubber and some are made of elastic cotton and so they work in different ways.

This booty bands review will help you to choose the best for you. But before making your choice, check this ultimate resistance band guide to find out how this small whilst powerful device works and what criteria to pay attention to. 

5 Best Booty Bands  

1. FITGIRL Soft & Non Slip Resistance Hip Band

This workout accessories was made by women for women, so you can be sure it will solve many of the women’s body issues. Tested by many of the fitness bloggers this fitness band proved to be a very comfortable to use and effective. It’s made of high quality material, suits all levels of fitness enthusiasts and can be used alone or in any complex workout. 

FITGIRL Resistance Hip Band is a great way to bring your workouts to the next level.


2. Set of 2 GLADIATOR Gym Gear Hip Bands

These 2 bands are designed for the most explosive workouts both for men and women. Working out with GLADIATOR bands you’ll get the beach body you deserve in no time. You’ll target and strengthen legs, glutes, thighs, calves, quads, hamstrings, core, love handles, saddle bags, abductors, hips and even arms. Build, burn and tone your body with with this high quality device. 


3. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Don’t underestimate these simple loop exercise bands as they are heavy duty resistance bands perfect for any workout – stretching, strength training, power weight programs. Buying these loops you are getting a complimentary instruction guide and 41-page E-Book and a lifetime guarantee. Are you still thinking to get the bands or not? We wouldn’t!


4. Booty Belt – The Patented Booty Building System 

You’ve got already your booty bands and now are looking for something serious to build, lift and tone your glutes? How about booty belt? This is a patented booty building devise that promises you a perky butt and strong abs. The booty building system includes adjustable velcro belt, booty bands of different resistance and neoprene logo mat. Additionally you are getting an instructional brochure and a DVD. All this beauty goes in a tote bag that you can take anywhere with you. 


5. Authentic BootyCo Booty Building Band 

Stop dreaming about a Brazilian butt! Now you’ll have it with BootyCo booty. This band strengthens and builds all three glute muscles – Maximus, Medius & Minimus to help you rapidly develop a perky, lifted and firm butt and thighs without making them bulky. You don’t even have to think what exercises to do as you are getting a full printed workout guide and a booty program. We all know though we can’t build a lean body and a perky butt without a eating healthy. So, be happy, girls, as you are getting a nutrition guide in the pack as well. What else can a woman dream about?