13 Best Exercise Equipment to Stay Fit at Home

By Top.me

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Work out in the comfort of your home and reach your fitness goals with these 13 fitness tools.

1) Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Rip your abs and sea;p your arms at home. If you keep keep to a cleaner diet, you’ll be able to see your abs very soon!


2) Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

You can type at your desk, watch movie or read a book while pedalling. This Bike Pedal Exerciser is ideal both for home and office. Time to turn your sedentary life into an active one!


3) Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Switch on your favourite TV SHOW and get on this Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer to build a new body.


4) Yogalo Pilates Ring

Stretch and strengthen your entire body at the same time. Yogalo Pilates Ring is great both for light and intense workouts. Don’t forget to check these 5 pilates ring reviews and this upper body magic circle workout 


5) Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

Swing and slam it to the ground, rock, concrete or hoist it over your back; this bag was made for the most brutal workouts. Check more detailed review of these 5 Exercise Sandbags and when you are ready to get one, we have this 30-minute full body workout for you


6) Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Get fit without leaving the home. Whether you are doing steady biking or Tabata drills; this Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is perfect for both. And it’s so quiet so you can be sure you won’t distract people around.


7) Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station

Ideal for chest and tricep dips, bodyweight rows, and knee raises. This Dip Bar Station is well designed, has a  small footprint and it’s very stable. 


8) Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball

This ball combines strength training, cardio, flexibility and dynamic muscle training all in one. It’s durable so you can grab it and drop without being afraid it will tear apart.


9) CAP Enamel Coated Kettlebell

This kettlebell is a perfect tool for home workouts. It’s designed to work all the muscles you use for balance and leverage. Great for squats, throws, clean and jerks, snatches, rotational swings, and much more.


10) Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

This vest will help you improve your cardio conditioning and strength.Just buckle the vest and wear it every time you run, walk, or perform any other activity.


11) Gaiam Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are awesome for developing balance and stability – but not only. This exercise ball inexpensive and is available in medium, large and extra large. If you want to know more about Fitness Balls, check our ultimate guide. And don’t miss our 20-Minute Full-Body Exercise Ball Workout.


12) Kinzi Resistance Band Set

This exercise equipment is versatile, portable and easily stored, making it perfect for home and travel workouts. These 33 Resistance Band Exercises will help you stay fit anywhere, anytime and our ultimate guide will help you choose the right band.


13) Thera-Band Ankle Weights

The Thera-Band Ankle Weights are noted for their padded terrycloth design, which makes them more comfortable than other options. These ankle weights are available in red with 2 lbs (two 1 lb cuffs), green with 3 lbs (two 1.5 lb cuffs) or blue with 5 lbs (two 2.5 lb cuffs).