11 Fitness Gifts That Every Swimmer Wants

By Top.me

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Looking for a Christmas gift for swimmers? Check our 11 swimmer fitness gift ideas. 

1) Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod

With this waterproof iPod you can swim your laps for hours. Download your favourite music or an audio book and head to the pool.


2) Speedo Pro LT Pro Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a great choice both for beginners and pro swimmers. It provides great support and comfort. Train and win in Speedo.

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3) Speedo Silicone Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Swim Cap will last your forever. Unlike rubber and latex, silicon fits smoothly over wet hair and has a glossy finish. This cap doesn’t pull your hair and it fits well. 


4) Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

These plugs provide most secure fit possible. They are comfortable and easy to put in and out of the ear. A carrying case will keep them clean and germ free.


5) Aegend Swimming Goggles

If you have bloodshot eyes or goggle rings around your sockets after swimming, it’s time to change your goggles. Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles provide maximum comfort, good seal and clear view with no racoon marks around your eyes. Put them on and go for a good swim!


6) Bodi Hut Microfibre Towel

It’s important to have a towel that sucks up the water in seconds to keep you warm and cosy. Bodi Hut Microfibre Towel absorbs 90% of water leaving your body dry. It’s soft, extra light and saves a lot of space in your bag.


7) Speedo Mesh Equipment Bag

Perfect bag to load and go! Quick drying and strong enough for all your gear. Shoulder straps help to easily carry it.


8) Agility Hand Paddles

Agility Hand Paddles teach you the correct palm positive hand position. They have no straps, so, it’s easy and quick to get them on and off. Moreover, you will never “cheat” with these paddles as no straps means you have to pull correctly to keep them on your hands. 


9) DrySak Waterproof Bag

Put your wet swimming suit and towel in this bag and be sure your dry things and accessories will be dry and safe. Splash-proof outer zip pocket gives you a quick access to all your essentials. 


10) Speedo Team Kickboard

Strengthen your legs, improve your endurance and just have fun. Speedo Team Kickboard is perfect for any water workout, for practicing kicking and floating. 


11) UltraSwim Repair Shampoo

Swimming is enjoyable but can damage your hair and make it reek of chlorine. UltraSwim Repair Shampoo restores and moisturise your hair and remove the chlorine smell after a pool swim. It’s not harsh on your hair so it’s perfect to use everyday.