6 Fitness Gifts for Those Who Love to Workout in Winter

By Top.me

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These 8 fitness winter essentials are great for your cold-days workouts. Check them out!

1) Vbiger Touch Screen Gloves

Like outdoor activities? These gloves will keep your hands warm and breathable. You don’t need to take them off as the touch fingers work great on any smartphone.


2) The North Face Base Layer

Neither snow nor rain can stop you from your outdoor running or cycling if you have this North Face Base Layer on. It wicks away moisture and dries very quickly.


3) Baleaf Thermal Fleece Tights

Ideal for cycling, running, skiing. Soft fleece will keep you warm and comfortable so you can spend outside as much time as possible enjoying your workouts. 


4) The TrailHeads Ponytail Hat

This can be a good choice for cold winter workouts. Any ponytail wearer will appreciate the full ear coverage and warmth it gives. This winter beanie will keep you comfortable when running, skiing, snowshoeing or walking a dog. 


5) TrailHeads Ponytail Head Band

If you prefer headbands to hats, check TrailHeads Ponytail Headband as it provides a comfortable and secure fit. The fleece will keep your head and ears warm. 


6) Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats

In these Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats you’ll feel confident and safe when walking, jogging, or hiking on packed snow or ice.


7) Salomon Low Trail Gaiters

These Gaiters are simple and functional. No matter if you run through mud, rocks, sticks, weeds or deep snow, they will work great protecting your running footwear.


8) Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Trail Running Shoes are light, fast and provide the ultimate grip in all conditions.