How Interval Training Will Help to Develop Stronger Legs


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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best forms of exercise because it gives you a great variety and lots of different exercises to choose from. 

The great thing about interval training is that it will keep you motivated because of the wide variety of workouts and exercises you are able to perform. The problem with many people’s workout routines is they get mentally bored and thus lose motivation to continue. Consistency is the key to any exercise regimen having positive effects on weight loss and your physique. If you are looking to strengthen a certain muscle group – the key is not only consistency but also confusion! By confusion we are talking about muscle confusion of course.

For strengthening your legs interval training is one of the best forms of exercise because of the unique demands it puts on your body. Most people train legs in a very standard way, going from one machine to the next in the weight room or performing standard cardio exercises.

HIIT for Legs

Interval training is the best way to train your legs because it causes muscle confusion and puts unique demands on your leg muscles which will cause them to get stronger and more fit.

For example, leg interval training will consist of going from one exercise to the next, with little or no rest in between. You might be doing step ups, and immediately switch to doing dumbbell lunges. You might be performing burpees or a bodyweight walking lunges and your next interval you are doing one leg squats. Interval training will allow you to create challenging workouts that strengthen your legs and help you become more fit.

Interval training is an incredible leg workout for both men and women. For women shaping your thighs, butt, and overall leg definition. For men it is great at developing strong and powerful legs and even running faster. For both men and women it will not only help you get more fit but will help you lose body fat.

For the advanced interval fitness enthusiast, you can try high intensity interval training where you perform all the intervals at 100 percent maximum intensity such as sprinting, or pedalling on a stationary bike. This makes for an incredibly difficult workout and is great to throw into your routine once in a while to change it up.


 A 2001 study from East Tennessee State University proves that high intensity interval training is one of the best forms of exercise to burn fat and get in incredible shape. High intensity interval training will help you strengthen your legs due to the high demand it will put on your body and the maximum intensity sets. It will not only strengthen your legs but will help you achieve a leaner physique in the process. High intensity interval training helps your body turn into a fat burning machine due to the after burn effect.

High intensity interval training is so intense that it actually will train you fast twitch muscle fibers in a similar way that intense weight training would. This is important because it can take your body up to 24 hours to fully recover the repair the fast twitch muscle fibers following a high intensity interval workout. This means that for an entire day following a high intensity interval session your body will have an increased metabolism and you will burn more calories at rest.

HIIT for Strong Legs

If you are looking to strengthen, tighten, and tone up your legs interval training is an incredible form of exercise. People who perform interval training regularly have incredibly quick and impressive results. If you are looking for the most effective form of exercise to strengthen and tone your legs – get creative and come up with your own interval training routine to see some incredible strength building benefits within a few weeks.