50 Signs you are a Fitness Freak

By Top.me

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You spend most of your time in the gym? Have more Nikes than Jimmy Choos? Count calories and obsess about your macros? Here are 50 signs you are a fitness freak. Recognize yourself there?

You Have at Least Two Fitness and Health apps on Your Smart Phone.

And they are not apps you just keep on there to make you feel better about yourself. They are essential tools for you.

Your Eating Habits Reflect What Workout You Have Done That Day.

If you’ve focused on cardio, you make sure you eat healthy carbs to give you enough energy. If you are focusing on muscle building, you can’t continue with your day without getting some protein in you.

You Are Usually up Before the Sun.

Early Running

When your alarm goes off, the first think you think about is getting your tennis shoes on and hitting the concrete, pool, gym or yoga mat. And you are excited about it. You appreciate your time with yourself, your strength and the break of dawn.

You Take Your Treat Day Seriously.

There are no exceptions to your Friday treat day. You know how junk food throws you off.

Your Pedometer or Heart Monitor Takes the Place of a Fancy Watch.

It’s one of the first things you put on when you get ready in the morning, and you check it to see if you’ve met your daily goals yet.

You Own More Sports Bras Than Regular Bras.

A Girl With Sport Bras

You have your favorite brands and fits and in multiple different colors. And even when you should wear a regular bra on that dinner date, you contemplate the possibility of wearing a sports bra.

You Have More Than One Pair of Exercise Shoes.

And you know what the specific function of each pair is.

Your iPod is Filled With Playlists For Different Types of Workouts.

It isn’t unusual for you to put one of your workout playlists on during a party.

If  You Aren’t a Little Sore From Your Last Workout, You Think You Need to Work Harder.

Bad Workout

Feeling a little sore has come to feel good, and you know you are always challenging your muscles. When you feel fine the next day, you wander if you worked hard enough.

Your Water Bottle Is an Accessory.

You are always either recovering from a workout or hydrating for one, and everyone at work knows which water bottle is yours.

Fitness Gifts Are the Best Gifts For You.

You jump for joy with that gym membership, new DVD set, or home TRX kit.

Weekends Are “Rest Days”.

Active Weekends

Unlike others who “laze around” on the weekends, your weekend rest is intentional in order for your body to recover for the workout for next week.

You Like to Try New and Sometimes Weird Workouts as Fun.

You like checking out fitness fads and trends, but you always have the workout you can depend on.

You Use Youtube For Looking up Workouts and Stretch Routines.

You follow your favorite trainers who regularly upload their routines, and you have favorited a few.

You Are Familiar With All of the Reality Show Celebrity Trainers.

Kim who? You enoy fitness reality shows and follow them more than the normal tabloids.

When You Are Stuck in Traffic or at Your Desk, You Always Take Advantage of the Moment to Exercise.

Yoga on the Car

Whether it is a dumbbell in the car or ab, glute, and leg contractions, you feel like sitting is a waste of time.

You Don’t Sit on the Couch to Watch TV. Instead You Do Your Crunches or Jog on the Treadmill.

The TV gives your mind a break, but you don’t let your body get lazy in the meantime.

You Consider Your Trainer and Your Physical Therapist a Friend.

You might even see them more regularly than your best friend.

You Massage Your Sore Muscles in Public.

 Girl Making Self Massage

And even though people might look at you strange, it feels sooo good.

Your Coworkers Complain About the Smell of Your Salad and Protein Shake.

You invest a lot of time and interest into making sure your nutrition responds to your bodies needs.

Workout Isn’t About Just “Wanting to Get Toned”.

Working out is a about building and living a healthy lifestyle, beyond the superficial benefits.

You Aren’t Afraid You Look “Too Bulky”.

You know that strength is beautiful, and you don’t let commercial conceptions of beauty bog you down.

You Get Really Excited When You Meet Someone Who Loves Working Out.

You find instant connections with other fitness freaks.

You Have a Gym Buddy to Keep You on Track.

Gym Buddy

They keep you motivated and they “get” you and your love for fitness.

You Have at Least One “Fancy” Workout Outfit.

Whether you know your crush will be at the gym, or it is your birthday, you have a workout outfit you know is fashionable and makes you look great.

You Can Easily Complement People on Their Good Form.

You see someone who has moves like a pro and want to let them know.

The Biggest Complement Is When Someone Tells You Have Good Form or Are Strong.

Fit Girl With a Man

You’d much rather prefer people complement you on your form or muscle tone than on your shoes or outfit.

You Aren’t Into Chatting During Your Workouts – Earphones Please!

Workout time is you time. No time to waste chatting by the water cooler with others.

You Are Serious About Gym Etiquette.

If someone doesn’t rack the weights, they will be thoroughly judged.

You Have a Gym Crush.

There is that one guy or girl you look forward to bumping into at the gym, and who you have an impulse to impress.

When You Are Done With Your Workout, You Are Energized, Not Tired.


Your workouts are not another task, they are an integral part of your day and once you’ve accomplished it, you are more motivated to keep going.

You Are Constantly Reading About What Nutrients.

You may not be a nutritionist, but you know more than the average person about what nutrients you should be taking in to maximize your workouts.

You Are the Go-to Person For Fitness Advice.

Your friends and co-workers want to start a new routine, and everyone is referred to you for all of their questions on effectiveness and difficulty.

Most of the Pages You Like on Facebook are About Fitness.

Even your social media is flooded with tips, recipes and routines that keep you motivated and always thinking about how to get the most out of your fitness routine.

You Are Always Hungry.

 Hungry Girl

Your revved-up metabolism is always asking for more!

You Remember Everything You Ate Yesterday.

And you know whether you made good eating choices to maximize results.

You Can Name a Favorite Fitness Blog.

You have at least one go-to blog you read regularly.

You Find Muscle Tone Attractive.

Forget weight; the first thing you notice are arm, leg and core tone of the opposite sex.

You Follow Your Fitness Idols on Twitter.

And readily retweet their latest post.

Your Wardrobe Is Filled With Spandex.

Workout Clothes

Shorts, sports bras, leggings, tops… spandex comes in many forms and you’ll find a lot of it in your closet.

You Stretch When You Wait in Lines.

Idling time is when you can take the time to stretch the soreness out of your arms, legs and neck. The interested spectators don’t bother you.

Working About Is More About How You Feel Than About How You Look.

The energy and strength you get from your daily workout is much more valuable than your weight.

You Get Competitive When You Run on a Treadmill With Someone Running Next to You.

It’s game time!

You Prefer Sitting on Exercise Balls to Chairs.

Girl Sitting on Fitness Ball

Sitting on your exercise ball, while still not the norm, improves your circulation, your posture and works your core muscles. You know that, and that is why you’ll take an exercise ball to a swivel chain any day.

You Use Pinterest For Workout Moves and For Workout Recipes.

And you have multiple boards for each category of workouts.

You Eat 5 or 6 Meals a Day and Still Maintain Your Weight.

That is because your metabolism is super revved up!

You Always Pack Workout Clothes and Tennis Shoes When You Travel.

Vacation is no excuse for not working out.

You’ve Calculated How Much Water You Should Be Drinking Every Day.

Girl Drinking Water

And you stick to it!

You Pick Fitness Magazines Over Entertainment Magazines Any Day.

While your friends may gravitate towards the tabloids, you get excited about a fitness magazine with a pull-out routine booklet

You have laughed at how much these signs sound familiar to you, but your abs hurt from this morning’s workout.