10 Reasons Why You Should Start Losing Weight Right Now

By Top.me

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Lost your weight loss motivation? Here are 10 facts about being overweight that may shock you into living a healthier life.

These 10 reasons will make you live healthier life:

1. Lessens Arthritis Pain

Weight loss and arthritis have a strong connection to inflammation in the body. Loosing weight can lessen arthritis pain.

Weight Loss and Arthritis Pain

2. Improves Psoriasis

Excess weight may be associated with a wide variety of changes to the body’s largest organ. More studies are needed to understand how obesity plays a role in blemishes and infections of the skin. The study published in the British Journal of Dermatology suggests losing weight can improve psoriasis.


3. Helps Relief Foot Pain

A Framingham study shows that for every 11 pounds of weight lost, the risk of osteoarthritis decreased 50 percent. So, a relatively small amount of weight loss can produce significant results. Shoe insoles from Protalus can help with plantar fasciitis and weight related conditions while you work on cutting the pounds.

Bodyweight and Foot Pain

4. Improves Libido

MedPage Today claims that sexual function improved significantly and quickly in obese men with type 2 diabetes after weight loss with reduced-calorie diets. This is likely due to the strain obesity puts on the heart and blood vessels.


5. Increases Your Wellbeing

When you’re overweight, your entire system is out of balance, including the hormones that impact your mood. As a result, losing weight increases your well-being and decreases the severity of depression.

Losing Weight and Well-Beeing

6. Decreases Risk for Breast Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute overweight women have four times the endometrial cancer risk. This is likely for the same reason they’re at increased risk for breast cancer: Body fat produces estrogen, a hormone linked to both diseases.


7. Improves Asthma Symptoms

Being overweight puts a burden on the adrenal glands, which manage asthma and allergies. The study, published in the August 2013 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that overweight and obese children had a higher chance of developing asthma

Obesity and Asthma

8. Makes Your Memory Better

Mental weight loss benefits extend even further, boosting memory. The researches from Kent University have discovered a link between weight loss and improved memory and concentration.

Weight Loss and Improved Memory

9. Influences Child’s Health

A father’s diet before conception plays a crucial role in a child’s health.


10. Better and Healthier Heart

The bigger you are, the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack earlier in life—12 years sooner for the most obese people. Researchers from Science Daily suggest that even greater weight loss may be necessary to reduce cardiovascular risk in diabetes patients who are overweight or obese.


Losing Weight and Heart Attack