5 Reasons Liposuction Gets a Gold Star for Fat Reduction

By Top.me

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When it comes to body contouring, there’s all sorts of gimmicks and products encouragingyou to spot reduce weight. The most comprehensively researched and practiced form of fat removal is liposuction. Although a type of surgery, it’s minimally invasive and safe.

In the right hands, your surgeon will create a desirable and proportionate shape to whichever area of your body you’re seeking to transform. For these reasons, it is the gold standard of unwanted fat removal in specific areas of your body. Additionally, liposuction is often used to assist other body contouring methods like Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) in order to acquire more noticiable results. Like the BBL in Miami, Florida, surgeons are finding new ways to incoporate liposuction into customized procedures.

Here’s 5 key reasons to give it go, whether you’re seeking liposuction in Melbourne, Sydney or across Australia.

Close up bodies of three girls with marks on to show where the  liposuction is done

It’s Quick

Modern liposuction is safe, widely performed, and one of the most common plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Having said that, you will still get the best results by researching and selecting a cosmetic practitioner that is qualified and very experienced in performing lipo in the area you want contoured. That’s what obligation free consults are for, so don’t rely on the web alone. You should meet in person at a clinic to discuss your cosmetic goals with the staff. In many cases after lipo, you’re back doing normal activities the next day.

It’s Permanent 

The fat extracted via liposuction will not return. This is because the fat cells and fat within them are both removed. If an unhealthy lifestyle ensues your lipo, it will mean weight gain in other areas of the body is still possible. So, if you eat excessively and do not workout, you can still gain weight and the effects of lipo will be minimised. Therefore, lipo is not a weight loss tool, but best used to achieve contour and shaping of areas of the body which you are unable to change the shape of despite leading a healthy lifestyle.

It’s Flexible

Lipo can be performed on most areas of the body – large and small. The underside of your chin or ankles can have small amounts of fat removed. Or, you might get the hips, inner thighs or stomach lipo’d to target a larger area. Whatever style you chose, there are a variety of liposuction techniques like tumescent, ultrasound-assisted and laser-assisted that may be used to remove fat around various areas.

Fat transfer is also available where the extracted fat can be re-inserted into your body as a filler, in say, the cheeks. A natural filler made from your very own body often lasts longer andadverse reactions are less likely.

It’s Anti-ageing

Before and after liposuction pictures of the girl on grey

Although nothing will stop you actually getting older, strategically performed liposuction can be extremely effective in rejuvenating many areas of your body that appear to age more quickly than others. The backs of the arms and the lower half of the face commonly receive liposuction with anti-aging as an aesthetic goal.

Saggy jowls or chubby cheeks can be reduced and collagen fibers tighten post –procedure as a result of facial liposuction. Some of us refer to this as a non-invasive or ‘natural’ facelift.

It’s Cost-effective

Up-front costs for liposuction may seem steep, starting from $3000 or so per area of the body. However, compare this one-off cost to other ongoing, cosmetic treatments, such as fillers, and the value is apparent. Because it’s once off, the ‘cost’ of down time from any bruising or swelling is also relevant.

On-going cosmetic treatments can cause some people to hide away from certain activities on a regular basis, yet after effects only happen once with lipo as each area requires a single treatment. Given this, liposuction is a long-term and permanent which is an appealing investment of time and cost to many prospective clients.