Are Marijuana Sublingual Strips Effective?


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Witness the most accurate and accelerated effect of your lifetime with sublingual strips. The sublingual strip is also a discrete method to enjoy the essence of various strains.

Sublingual is a form of a strip that contains various components of the cannabis plant. As the name suggests, the strips can be directly placed under the tongue for the oral mucosa to cause a chemical reaction. 

In fact, if you have ever consumed CBD oil, you will know that just like CBD oil even sublingual strips can be placed directly under the tongue. So, all you have to do is purchase a strain in the form of sublingual strips and then place it directly under the tongue, wait for it to dissolve and the effects will start showing immediately. However, don’t forget to talk to your doctor and see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in California before you start treating your medical condition with the help of these strips. 

Is Sublingual Absorption Useful?

Studies suggest that sublingual absorption takes place due to diffusion. Basically, diffusion is a simple process. This means that the sublingual parts of your body are adept at soaking or consuming substances readily. But it also has to be noted that not everything kept under the tongue is absorbed by the oral mucosa. So, how come sublingual absorption takes place this easily. Here’s how. 

Whenever you consume a medicine orally, it first goes through the gastrointestinal tract, then reaches the stomach. Soon after that, it makes its way to the intestines, liver and it is only after this long process that it comes back to the affected area.

This is why most of the oral medicines take a longer time to produce its effects. However, sublingual mix directly into the bloodstream and when you place a cannabis strip under the tongue, the cannabinoids of the tongue do not heed to the GI system. 

The GI system is responsible for the conversion of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol into 11-hydroxy THC. This is why medical marijuana doctors always advise you to use a considerable THC dose. First, because newcomers will experience an incredible high which can prove dangerous for the newbies.

And second, you will form a negative perception of sublingual strips. Rather sublingual strips are really effective in treating various medical conditions. Overall this how sublingual absorption takes place but you have to be careful about the dose for it to work efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Sublingual Strips?

Sublingual strips are by far the most effective cannabis products. Of course because of its accelerated effects. But the main benefits of sublingual strips are as follows. First and foremost, strips are easily placed under the tongue. This means that patients can easily administer cannabis strips. Second, the effect is immediate. So, you will be able to ease pain or other medical symptoms in a blink of an eye. Third, it does not mix with the GI tract and keeps it safe. Last but not least, sublingual strips eliminate the chance of smoking and vaping. 

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But you also have to keep in mind that these strips are powerful so be careful about the dose. It may interfere with the eating and drinking process. So, you have to take them either after food or before having meals. Not only this but you also have to keep in mind that the taste is bitter and not fit for prolonged administration. 

How to Administer Sublingual Strips?

You can purchase sublingual strips with the help of a medical marijuana card. But first, make sure that you have a qualifying condition. If you are allowed by your doctor to take the strips. Here’s what you need to do. Take a single strip and then carefully place it beneath your tongue. Make sure you don’t place it on the top of your tongue because then the oral mucosa will not produce any effects. 

The usage of sublingual strips is highly misunderstood. People tend to use it as a breath mint or chewing gum. The strip dissolves in a minute and then they complain about not seeing any effects. This is why it is best to keep the mouth closed while the stip dissolves with the mucosa for four to five minutes to get the best results.

In addition to this, you also have to check the strips for additional ingredients because there are several marijuana strips in the market. Some of them offer ingredients like natural menthol, pectin, and glycerin and a lot more. So, with a 5 to 10 mg THC strip, it is very unlikely to get high. Instead, on the other hand, you will feel active and good throughout the day. This is perhaps the best for individuals who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

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So, after talking a lot about the sublingual strips, we are back to the main question. Is sublingual strip effective? Given the effects and the proponents of cannabis strips, it is fair to say that they can be effective. In theory, you can benefit from them because they directly dissolve into the bloodstream and they also provide a likable bioavailability rate.

Additionally, it is also a good idea for people who are looking forward to quitting smoking or vaping cannabis. With the noticeable amount of marijuana strip, you will be able to find its potential. But make sure your state allows the use of sublingual strips. For now, only states like California use cannabis sublingual strips. Hopefully, the market will expand in the near future.