Combining a Breast Lift With Breast Implants for a Complete Transformation


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Patients who would like to alter the size, shape, and placement of their breasts might benefit from a combination treatment that includes a breast lift as well as implants.

Those two operations can be carried out at the same time, and your chest is going to be completely transformed following your operation. As an added bonus, having the two procedures completed during the same appointment means that you will only need to go through a single recovery period.

If you think that you might be a good candidate for implants and breast lift surgery, then you should contact a cosmetic surgeon right away to see if that combination treatment is right for you.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

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The breast lift procedure is now being carried out hundreds of thousands of times every single year, and it has helped many patients regain their confidence.

  • The primary purpose of breast lift surgery is to alter the symmetry and placement of the breasts.
  • Some women develop deflated or uneven breasts as they grow older while others are born with those cosmetic issues.
  • You might also struggle with nipples that are asymmetrical or oversized areolas that you find to be unsightly.

All of those different imperfections can be addressed during a breast lift.

To perform this procedure, the surgeon will usually make two small incisions on both of the breasts. With those incisions, they can carefully adjust all of the soft tissue throughout that area with a wide variety of surgical techniques.

In some cases, the surgeon might also want to remove excess skin so that the breasts appear perkier or more balanced. The results of a lift often last for many years, and you can easily schedule touch-up procedures down the road.

A Look at Breast Implants

Undergoing breast augmentation Scottsdale could completely change your body as well as your confidence. During the augmentation procedure, your surgeon can enhance the size of your breasts with silicone or saline implants.

Both of those materials are very popular, but there are some differences that patients should be aware of.

  • While saline implants are easy to put in place and relatively inexpensive, a patient might feel as if they are too hard.
  • Silicone implants look and feel very natural, but the procedure can be slightly more expensive and the incisions must often be larger.

Before you undergo breast augmentation, you will need to schedule an early consultation with your surgeon where you can learn more about the pros and cons of those two implant options.

The Combination Procedure

When these two procedures are combined, the operation will typically last for at least a few hours. In the vast majority of cases, patients will be put completely to sleep with a general anesthetic because of the amount of work that must be done.

A torso of a young girl in a white bra with augmented breasts on white

Once a patient is asleep, the surgeon can begin the process of making a few small incisions along the natural contours of the areolas and lower breast tissue. Those incisions will allow them to adjust tissue, remove the skin, and insert the implants. When the operation is over, gauze and compression garments must be placed over the treatment sites to minimize swelling and discomfort.

These two procedures could be exactly what you need to finally feel comfortable in your own skin. If you think that you might be a good candidate for one or both of these operations, then it is time to contact a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

One of those medical professionals will be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that helps you achieve your cosmetic goals.