Personalized Holistic Treatment (Addiction Treatment)


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Rather than just dealing with a person’s physical conditions, holistic treatment objects on treating a person as a whole, which includes one’s spiritual, mental, and social conditions.

This is because holistic addiction treatment is built under the principles that they are interconnected in the recovery process. When applied to addiction recovery, it not only allows the patient to enhance their other traits but also to heal and see the beauty of living a sober life.

Several reasons can cause drug addiction; either the patient has a re-occurring mental issue or faces a significant amount of physical pain. Another factor that can contribute to drug addiction can be the patient aims to improve their spiritual or emotional state. The holistic treatment approach enables the patient to uncover the reason for their addiction by involving them in the treatment process.

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Personalized holistic treatment in addiction treatment centers on individualized wellness treatment plans for each individual. Research indicates that customizing treatment plans for patients propels patients to complete the treatment program and embrace positive lifestyle changes. Changing an individual’s well being is vital in eradicating distress and pain. Therefore, embarking on activities that calm your mind and soothes your soul and body will significantly help in the path towards addiction treatment.

What Makes a Patient Qualified for Holistic Treatment?

Patients who are hesitant in embarking on conventional treatment therapies for addiction may consider holistic treatments to ease them into the recovery process. Holistic medicine is more informal and aims to relax the patient by creating a haven for the body and mind to expel stress and anxiety. Therefore, this will guide the patient into being more conscious of conventional medication during the rehabilitation process.

As much as most physicians combine holistic and integrative options to complement the treatment plan, studies show that holistic treatment may be an alternative to conventional medicine.

However, holistic treatments are best used in the presence of a professional as the patient is always under supervision. Various rehabilitation centers embrace holistic treatment options as considerations in an individualized plan based on a patient’s reception to integrated medicine or complement their already structured program.

What Holistic Treatment Includes

The use of alternative medicine in addiction treatment encompasses non-conventional methods to cure the patient. For personalized treatment, the holistic team does a comprehensive review on the patient’s health history to find out their goals and previous prescriptions if any. The team then makes collaborative decisions to derive recommendations best suited for the patient’s treatment. The plan is thereby discussed with the patient to see if the approach is adaptable. The holistic treatment then begins with weekly assessments from the team on the patient’s progress. Some of the processes include:

Herbal Therapy

This incorporates the use of herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins to detoxify the body and increase crucial nutrients. Herbal supplements also quell cravings from substances and slowly restore internal organs.
For example, one herbal supplement that has soared in popularity in recent years is kava. In the United States, kava is legal for personal use as a dietary supplement so if you are considering introducing a herbal supplement into your daily routines, kava could be right for you.


This form of guided imagery seeks to reduce an individual’s anxiety and panic and relaxes them enabling better sleep at night.

Yoga and meditation

These Aryuvedic solutions offer wholesome treatment to the mind, soul, and body.


This enables the restoration of the nervous system, which may have been damaged by substance abuse.

Massage therapy

It offers relaxation and relieves tension and stress to the patient.


Ensures all bodily functions perform at regular rates—for instance, heartbeat palpitations, breathing, etc.


Embracing spirituality can help boost recovery as patients believe in a higher power to help them.


This is the use of essential oils and fragrances catered to prompt relaxation and reduce stress.

Advantages of Using Holistic Treatment

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It Deals With the Individual, not the Symptoms

One factor that has positively contributed to this treatment’s reputation is its success rates on prioritizing self-care. There is a significant difference between treating drug addiction and treating the patient with drug addiction. Substance abuse is greatly influenced by social, physical, and spiritual and psychological elements. Neglecting one of these assets during your recovery process is wrong.

It Empowers You to Change

As much as people will assist you in changing for the better, they can’t force you to make a necessary positive change. However, holistic treatment empowers you to make the required changes by increasing the patient’s compliance with the procedure. This way, you will be able to maneuver your life in the right direction.

It Is Pocket-friendly and Efficient

Holistic treatment therapy uses simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes to jump-start the addiction treatment process.

It Puts You Right on Track

Once you have managed to be sober but are still in poor health, enjoying this new life is nearly impossible. However, holistic treatment helps you make necessary life changes that would lead you to a full health recovery by boosting treatment outcomes. By making simple adjustments in your life, you will notice spectacular results in nutrition and physical development.

It Is Safer, With no Adverse Side Effects

Conventional treatments may prove to elicit harsh reactions on the body, which might affect the treatment process. As holistic medicine specializes in natural remedies, the side effects do not hinder the treatment and recovery process. It is also a safer option as it doesn’t create dependency or medicinal reaction.

Improves the Quality of Life

Holistic treatments offer a well-rounded health plan which examines the overall health of your body. Individuals who embark on these plans adopt healthier life patterns of sleep, nutrition, meditation, or physical exercise. These activities stimulate endorphins and help in stress management. This, in turn, makes the individual happier and more fulfilled.

To identify whether personalized holistic treatment is suitable for you, you can research reputable government sources or journals to find out trustworthy information. Be sure to check if your holistic treatment provider has the right certification and licensing to be operating and whether the physicians are well trained. Lastly, communicate and discuss with your therapist or family members whether holistic treatment is the best approach for you.