The Cancer Battle: Explore the Other Treatment Options You Have


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New cases of cancer are currently at 442.4 per 100,000 men and women each year. It’s vital to look at all options for cancer. Are you currently suffering from cancer and are looking for different treatment options? Or maybe you want to help reduce your risk of it returning? 

In this article, explore the different options out there for treatment and why they’re so beneficial. Read on to explore the many options for treatment including alternative options, and how they can help your body overall for a healthier you. 

Standard Treatment Options

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If you currently suffer from cancer, your doctor will prescribe either chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc. or a combination. Radiation therapy is where x-rays or radioactive seeds are used to kill the cancer cells. 


Radiation works by killing cancer cells since they’re faster growing than normal cells. It causes cell death for the cancer cells and stops them from dividing and growing. 

The 2 forms of radiation therapy are internal beam and external beam. An internal beam is where radioactive seeds are placed near or in a tumor. An external beam is where particles or x-rays attack the tumor. 


Chemotherapy works by destroying growing cells in your body. An oncologist works with you during the process and will explain how chemotherapy will stop the cancer cells from dividing and growing. 

Chemotherapy can be combined with other therapy options depending on the progress of cancer and the type. It also depends on the location, your health, and if you’ve had cancer before. 

Keep in mind that while it’s effective at killing cancer cells, serious side effects can occur. Talk with your doctor about the side effects of chemotherapy. 


Surgery is where your doctor will remove cancerous cells and tissue from your body. It’s also used to take care of any side effects that the tumor causes. 

Alternative Cancer Treatment

You might have heard about alternative cancer treatment options. There are doctors who may/may not do traditional cancer therapy, and combine it with alternative cancer therapy. 

Alternative cancer treatment options include attempting to boost your immune system to help slow down/stop the progress of cancer. The belief is that it’ll decrease any toxins in your body. 

While it may or may not cure your cancer, it can help you handle the symptoms and signs that come from it. Alternative treatment can help with different effects you might be feeling from cancer treatment, such as fatigue, pain, nausea, and stress.


Did you know that exercise can decrease your risk of dying from prostate or breast cancer by 40%? You’ll want to walk at least a mile a day(about 20 minutes) for exercise. 

Those who have had breast cancer should do exercise with moderate intensity to lower your risk of the cancer returning. It’s best to ease into exercise if you haven’t been working out to work your way up over time. 


Yoga is great for relaxation since it’s deep breathing and stretching combined. Each pose will require some stretching, twisting, and bending.

2 women are doing yoga as alternative cancer treatment

As you’re doing yoga, you’ll want to avoid anything that will cause you pain or discomfort. If you’re unsure, speak with a high-quality instructor who can offer you less intense poses that aren’t as difficult. 


Acupuncture is where the specialist will place tiny needles into your skin. This is a great option to look into further for pain relief.

If you’re not sure who you can trust, ask your doctor for the names of different practitioners they recommend. Speak with your doctor about current medications you’re taking since acupuncture might not be the right choice for everyone. 

Special Diets

Load up on plant-based foods such as healthy vegetables and fruit. Consider healthy omega-3 options such as different fishes that are low in mercury. 

Avoid foods that are:

  • Smoked
  • High-fat
  • Pickled
  • Salt-cured

Work with a nutritionist if you’re not sure what steps to take. You’ll want to avoid fried foods as well. 


Antioxidants are great at decreasing your chances of cancer and protecting your body. Antioxidants will help decrease free radicals in your system. They’re the molecules that harm cells in your body. 

Fruits, vegetables, and grains will be high in antioxidants. Some great vitamins are vitamins E, C, and A, lycopene, and beta carotene. You can find them in kidney beans, dark chocolate, wild blueberries, goji berries, and pecans. 

Before beginning dietary supplements, if you’re currently receiving cancer treatment, speak with your doctor first. Certain supplements could have contaminants, counteract with prescription drugs, or have synthetic prescription drugs within. 


If you’re feeling stressed out during treatment, try out different fragrant oils for aromatherapy. For massages, you can use different scented oils. Baths can have different oils added to them as well. 

While aromatherapy is overall safe to many, it can cause an allergic reaction to some. If you have breast cancer, aromatherapy might not be the best option in large doses. 


Hypnotherapy is where a therapist will help you relax and use a calming voice. They’ll help you reduce stress and focus on any goals you might have. Find a certified therapist who specializes in hypnotherapy. 


Meditation is a great way to relax by taking deep breaths. This can help with any stress you’re feeling. 


A woman is doing massage as alternative cancer treatment

Massage therapy can help with any fatigue or stress you’re experiencing. One study discovered that massage therapy helps reduce pain and anxiety for women with breast cancer. Make sure that you work with a licensed massage therapist who has worked with others who have cancer. 

Exploring Different Cancer Treatment Options

Now that you’ve explored alternative cancer treatment options, you should be well on your way to living a healthier life overall. Looking for more fitness and health tips? Check out our other articles today for everything from the signs of lung cancer to the health benefits of physical activity