Unhealthy Foods You Should Definitely Stop Eating Right Now

By Top.me

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Some foods have been demonized over the years, but there isn’t actually anything wrong with them. In fact, you hear about stuff you should stay away from all the time. I don’t blame anyone who has stopped paying attention to people making crazy claims.

It still doesn’t mean you should eat or drink anything on the menu. Some unhealthy foods should obviously be cut from your diet. If you continue to eat them it’s going to cause problems. Here are some unhealthy foods you should worry about.

Low Fat Junk

If anyone is trying to sell you low fat junk they’re using a marketing tactic to trick you. Even though it’s lower it fat it won’t necessarily contain less calories. They’ll just throw in lots of sugar to ensure it tastes nice.

low fat mayo

Companies are also in the habit of adding lots of unhealthy ingredients. Look at what’s inside whole egg mayonnaise versus a low fat jar. When it takes you 10 minutes to read the label you know it’s full of garbage.

Fruit Juices

It’s okay to eat fruit even though it’s full of sugar. I don’t think you’ll be able to eat too much if the rest of your diet is on point. You’ll eventually run into problems when you start drinking cartons of fruit juice.

Don’t expect to find lots of beneficial nutrients on the label. You’re essentially filling your body with sugar water. It’s also easy to consume far too much when it’s in liquid form. But if you still prefer a glass of freshly made juice to a fruit, check 10 best juicing practices for your best nutrition.

Processed Meat

A large percentage of the population might love bacon, but I’m sure you know it’s bad just by looking at it. Sausages look like they’ll send you to an early grave too. You should stop eating processed meat if possible.

Processed meat

If not, only buy from sellers who don’t add anything unhealthy when preparing it. It’s been linked to lots of scary illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and colon cancer. Unprocessed meat is much better for your health.


Everyone was scared of butter when scientists were claiming it was going to kill people. Margarine was born and it was supposedly a lot healthier. Now anyone with a shred of common sense knows it’s the exact opposite.

It’s great if you enjoy eating artificial ingredients. Industrial oils are hydrogenated to make them solid, which is absolutely disgusting. If you use real butter in moderation it’s pretty good for you.

Potato Chips

Feel free to eat french fries sparingly when you’re cooking certain meals. They’re definitely not good for you, but you can’t eat burgers without them. You should stop devouring potato chips because you need to draw the line somewhere.

Potato chips

When potatoes are fried they contain a carcinogenic substance you don’t want anywhere near your body. Companies are guilty of throwing other bad ingredients into potato chips and you don’t have any control over it.

Processed Cheese

You don’t have to stop eating cheese even though it contains a whopping amount of calories. If you eat it in moderation it’s good for you. However, let’s stop calling processed stuff cheese because it’s being really generous.

Manufacturers take a bunch of filler ingredients and play around with them. Once they’re finished you have something that looks and feels a little similar to cheese. You must read labels before putting anything in your mouth.

You Won’t Run into Any Troubles

Cutting entire food groups out of your diet is hard. Staying in a large calorie deficit for months is almost impossible. Fortunately, you should be able to cut these foods from your life without any troubles. Better enjoy looking at these food sculptures that won’t do any harm to your health!

Also, try not to be fooled around by these 8 “healthy” foods.