What Are My Options for Incision Locations With Breast Implants?

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If you have recently decided that you might be interested in the breast augmentation procedure, then you are probably wondering about where the incisions are going to be.

Many patients are surprised to hear that there are actually a few different incision locations to choose from, and each option has its own pros and cons. While your surgeon can further explain the differences between the incision locations, you might want to spend a little bit of time researching that information on your own before you head to your first consultation to speak with your surgeon about the breast augmentation procedure

Why the Incision Location Matters

You might spend quite a bit of time thinking about the implant materials and the overall size of the implants without ever even considering where the incisions are going to be made.

While most incisions can be hidden under a bra or swimsuit top, they are still going to be a major component of the final results. The incision location is also going to have an impact on your recovery, and you will be given different post-op instructions depending on the incision sites. Those are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to carry out some research online as well as look over the breast augmentation before and after photos to learn more about the incision locations.

Inframammary Incisions

Close up picture of of girls breast with inframammary incision under the breast

These incisions are made just below each breast where the breast tissue connects to the lower chest. Once an inframammary incision has been made, the implant can then be placed above or below the primary muscle within the breast.


The biggest benefit of this incision location is the fact that the scar can often be hidden by the breast itself. Even when the patient is completely nude, it might be very difficult to see the scars.


Unfortunately, inframammary incisions also have a few drawbacks. If the patient decides to alter the size of their breasts, then the incision location could move, and that will make the scars very visible.

Periareolar Incisions

A 3d picture of the girl's body what shows periareolar incisions

You might also speak want to speak with your surgeon about periareolar incisions. During the breast augmentation procedure, the incisions for the implants can also be made around the natural curve of each areola where the darker skin meets the lighter skin.


When an experienced surgeon carries out this type of incision, the scar is often very difficult to detect because of the color and texture of the areolas.


The biggest drawback of this incision location is the fact that it can result in severed nerves and milk ducts. Women who plan on breastfeeding in the future might want to consider a different incision location.

Choosing What’s Right for You

After you have looked over some breast augmentation before and after images and done a little bit of research online, you will need to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. During that first appointment, you and your surgeon will be able to determine which incision location is right for you.