10 Best Ways to Calm Down Yourself

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We live in times where there are chaos and stress all around us. No matter how much we try to be at peace, the fast-paced lifestyle is bound to catch up to us.

In times like that, it becomes really hard to calm down and relax your mind to think straight. Well, the good news is just a few simple changes in our lifestyle can help you answer the question ‘How to calm yourself down?’ our peace and mental health should always be the priority and for that here I am listing a few ways to calm yourself down in times of crisis.

1. Breathe the Anxiety Away

The simplest and most effective way is to take long and deep breaths. During stress or anger our heart rate shoots up and by taking deep breaths we break the loop and start to feel calm and composed within no time. This technique is great when you have to clear your mind and organize your thoughts as seen on wikihow.

2. Meditation

A young girl is sitting and meditating in the room with her eyes closed

Believe me when I say just a few minutes of meditating every morning will change your life. Meditation is a great way to control your emotions and to provide the much-needed break that our brains need. It will also prepare us to face the day with a more positive outlook. There are a lot of meditation apps that can help you start on your journey.

3. Exercise Your Stress Away

Well just like meditation exercise does wonders too. Exercise is considered the best form of stress buster so try to squeeze in at least half an hour of any form of physical activity. It can be workouts, dance, pilates, Zumba or yoga; the choice is yours as per calm sage. Not only will it help your physical health but also your mental health.

4. Clean up

I know there are times when our thoughts are jumbled up and everything seems like a mess and we don’t know where to start. The first thing to do at that time is to tidy up your surroundings. It can be your room or your work desk, a clean organized environment helps us organize our thoughts.

5. Acknowledge Your Problems

The worst thing you can do is to push your thoughts out just to get through the day because guess what it will come back the next day with full force. So how about-face the anxiety instead of denying it. Acknowledging the problem is a vital step towards solving it. Just take a few minutes and think ’what makes you feel stressed?’ And ‘how to tackle it?’ thinking about these questions will help you face the problems in a rational and calm way before it becomes a mess.

6. Positive Thoughts

I cannot stress enough how a positive outlook will change your life. We get what we give out to the universe and we attract what we think. So this simplifies that positive thinking will ensure positive results. Instead of thinking the worst possible outcomes try to have positive thoughts and this will help you calm down with calm sage and have better control over your thinking process.

7. Aroma-Therapy

Girl is relaxing by taking aroma bath with candles

This is something that will for sure help you calm down and will relax your mind. Through this, you treat your anxiety and stress by using scents that have a calming effect. Light a scented candle or use essential oils like lavender, rose, neroli, bergamot, etc. that have proven to calm our senses and reduce stress.

8. Talk It Out

Who doesn’t like to talk about their problems? Am I right? So when faced with stress or anger, its best to call a friend or a loved one and just share your emotions and feelings with them. this way we get the support we need during our crisis times and the feeling of understanding and hope calms us down instantly. To hear the words of encouragement or just to know that we have someone who gets us is enough to relax our mind and provide a sense of peace.

9. Physical Touch

We all can agree sometimes a simple hug from a loved one melts away all our issues. A hug, kiss, cuddle, or sex is the best medicine when it comes to how to be calm? Positive physical contact helps us by releasing those feel-good hormones that fill us with a sense of happiness and peace. Next time you get riled up, go and hug a loved one and feel the magic.

10. Write It Down

A girl is writing down her thought in the diary to calm herself down

I was saving the best for the last. Try to maintain a journal of your thoughts and feeling as that will help you cope with your emotions better and also give you a clear picture of what makes you tick. Writing down your thoughts every night before going to bed will clear your head and ensure better and peaceful sleep. Also writing down the tasks to do will prepare you to face the next day with positive energy and headspace.

Well, we have covered above all the ways to calm down yourself. If you have any suggestions or questions. Feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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