11 Incredible Weight Loss Stories That Will Leave You Inspired

By Top.me

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Losing weight is a problem that most people face at some point in their lives. In this fast-paced, unhealthy world, it’s so easy to slip and start living an unhealthy lifestyle.If you have a family, a job or other responsibilities it is difficult to find time to find the time for workouts or the gym. However, these incredible 11 women found the strength and motivation to change their lives. When they did, the results were absolutely overwhelming. You’ll see.

1) Martha Price

Age: 52

Lives: Stoneham, MA

Weight Lost: 84 Pounds

Her tip: Create accountability for yourself—try keeping a journal to keep track of the food and calories you are eating each day.

2) Patti Murillo-Casa

Age: 55

Lives: New York City

Weight Lost: 102 Pounds

Her tip:  Pick one or two days a week to exercise with friends for 30 minutes, and use these tips to ensure you stay committed. MAKE A NO-SKIP RULE. Put a policy in place to encourage people to show up, such as buying coffee for everyone if you back out of a workout session. CREATE A COMMON GOAL such as making it to yoga class weekly or losing 5 pounds by Christmas.

3) Avis Weiss

Age: 35

Lives: Arlington, TX

Weight Lost: 73 Pounds

Her tip: After years of watching my weight yo-yo, I saw it climb to a high of 213 pounds and my self-esteem plummeted. Determined to shape up once and for all, I started doing strength-training routines from magazines. After a month, I already had more definition, so I invested in exercise DVDs like the P90X program, modifying some moves (such as doing fewer reps or using lighter weights) to make them easier. I love how strong I’ve become. While I’m still working toward my goal weight, my confidence is sky-high.

4) Rachel Lima

Age: 39

Lives: Sacramento, CA

Weight Lost: 85 Pounds

Her tip: Hire a personal trainer—I started going to one at my gym. Who better to invest in than yourself?

5) Michelle Fritts

Age: 25

Lives: Rockville, MD

Weight Lost: 89 pounds

Her tip: Find support from a network of people who are also living a healthy life. I found mine in my boyfriend and coworkers, as they were either dieting right along with me, or at least working on living a healthier lifestyle.

6) LeAnne Richards

Age: 48

Lives: Hesperia, CA

Weight Lost: 90 pounds

Her tip: Find an exercise buddy—it not only keeps you motivated but also makes exercising more fun!

7) Maureen Albrecht

Age: 56

Lives: Arcadia, CA

Weight Lost: 111 pounds

Her tip: Stop making excuses! In order to change your life, you have to change your habits, which means fully committing to a new healthy lifestyle.

8) Charlotte Siems

Age: 49

Lives: Stillwater, OK

Weight Lost: 112 pounds

Weight Lost: 112 pounds

Her tip: Take your own photos (front, side, back) monthly because sometimes you see progress in those pictures that you won’t see on the scale or tape measure.

9) Terri Fisher

Age: 40

Lives: Sioux Falls, SD

Weight Lost: 201 pounds

Her tip: Tell everyone you know that you are trying to lose weight and get healthy. This kept me accountable during the tough times.

10) Lori, 42, Fort Edward, NY

Age: 42

Lives: Fort Edward, NY

Weight Lost: 105 pounds

Her tip: Speak kindly to yourself. Expecting perfection is setting yourself up for failure. When you allow yourself to be imperfect and not beat yourself up, you will find it easier to make the right choices.

Margo Porras

Age: 41

Lives: San Diego

Weight Lost:  73 Pounds

Her Tip: Turn a leisurely jaunt into a heart-pumping workout with these three tips:

  • BEND YOUR ARMS at the elbow as you would when running, pulling them back with force.
  • SHORTEN YOUR STRIDE LENGTH and take faster steps to reduce impact while increasing speed.
  • TIGHTEN YOUR BUTT as your front foot hits the pavement to help propel your body forward faster.

These women are real heroins. If they could change their lives and bodies, you can do too. We hope their advice and our nutrition expert tips will help you stick to your goal. 

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