Five Easy Ways To Boost Your Fitness Motivation


Look great, feel healthy and live happy with

When it comes down to it we all want to look our best and be in great shape. Who doesn’t want to appeal to the opposite sex and look and feel fabulous? So what is stopping all of us from reaching our peak physical condition and why does it seem like the world is getting more and more out of shape?


There are a few mistakes many of us make on a daily basis that causes us to lose motivation and not reach our full potential. I believe that the single biggest reason people become overweight and out of shape is lack of motivation. If you are not motivated to do something you just plain and simply won’t do it. This could be true for any activity but is especially hard when it comes to working out.

Let’s face it- working out consistently can be hard and it is physically challenging. On days when we are lacking motivation and are tired chances are we are not going to workout. The problem with this approach and mindset is these kinds of decisions are habit forming and you will continue to make up excuses in your head to not workout.

How to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

So what are the best ways to get motivated about your Fitness and workout more regularly? Let’s take a look at a few things you can start doing right away to boost your motivation.

1. New Music Play List

Something as simple as a new music play list can really amp up your motivation and your workout. On days when you are physically tired try listening to a new set of music that really excites you. This will distract your mind temporarily and you will be focusing on the enjoyment of the music instead of the physical pain of the workout. I have found that my best workouts occur when I have a new music play list.

2. Set Short Term Goals to Reach Long Term Objectives


This may sound confusing but is a really great goal setting process. Maybe your long term fitness goal is to look like a certain celebrity or lose a certain number of lbs. If the goal is realistically more than a few months away, it is important to stay on track and not lose focus of the small baby steps you have to consistently take to get their. The problem with a goal so far away is people are impatient and lose track of the main objective. You should set a fitness objective for every 2 weeks that will help you reach your long-term fitness goal. Focus on meeting your two-week goal every time and before you know it you will be at your long term goal.

3. New Fitness Wardrobe


Let’s be honest – it is fun to train in the newest and best training shoes and training gear. Sometimes picking out some new and exciting fitness clothes can get you to the gym and get you jumpstarted again.

I know when I get a new pair of training shoes or new gym outfits I am more excited to workout that day. It is fun to change up your usual fitness look and routine. 

4. Visual Inspiration


When it comes to fitness, the best motivation is definitely visual. It has really helped me to find someone who I envision has the perfect physique and look at this person for fitness inspiration. When you have a visual representation of what you want to look like it will drive you to train a lot harder and more consistently. We all want to look our best and need a little visual motivation once in a while.

5. Take Your Workout Outside

Sometimes the best thing you can do to boost your motivation is to change up the scenery of your workouts. If you are constantly training in a dark gym it can become mundane and depressing. I find that some of my best workouts occur when I am training outside. There is nothing better than working out under the sun on a beautiful summer day.

If you love the outdoors or are fortunate to live in a warm climate you should try working out 2 or 3 days of the week outside. There are many great workouts you can do with minimal or no equipment. I will even take a kettle bell to a local park and perform a full body workout.