6 Fitness New Year Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep, Suggested By Experts

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Making a New Year’s resolution this year? Our six fitness experts suggests six resolutions that are attainable. Here’s to your health!

1. Visualize Your Goal

“Visualize what your lifestyle would look like if you were in the best shape of your life, ” recommends Jannine Myers, one of founders of the popular Women on Okinawa Trails blog. How would other people look at you? How would being in great shape influence your relationships? Imagine yourself when shopping for clothes, how would you feel different from now?

Goal Visualization

Then think about what it would take to achieve that lifestyle. Jannine recommends: “Determine in your mind once and for all what it will take to live a realistically happy and healthy lifestyle. Then, with fierce resolve, endeavor to spend every day from that moment on in such a way that you move yourself one step closer to your desired lifestyle.” Visualisation is one of 6 secret ways to achieving your new year’s resolutions.

2. Start Strength Training

If you are not training with heavy weights yet, now is the time to start, says Sarah Ravindran, Instagram’s popular fitandfiesty foodie, and regular contributor to Top.me.

“There are so many  benefits to lifting. They include increase in muscle mass, and therefore increased metabolism; lifting can give you curves (for the women) or build a strong, buff body (for the men); it’s a lot more fun than cardio (in my opinion); progress is easily seen, which makes it addictive and can really build confidence.”

Strength Training

To stick to your goal, it’s more about discipline than motivation, says Sarah. “Sure, you can start off rearing to go and be motivated to absolutely kill every workout and eat exactly according to your diet, etc. But there will come times where you just don’t feel like it anymore. The best thing to do at this point is to keep going. Do not give yourself the option of giving up. Discipline your mind to continue. It sounds hard, but eventually you’ll work through the rough patch and your motivation will come back.”

3. Start Small

Bobby and Alicia Strom, the husband and wife experts in Functional Core Training, share their core philosophy as “don’t go too big.”

Start Small

“Start off with one goal you know you can accomplish, ” says Bobby Strom.

“It might be something like walking a quarter of a mile every morning before work. Possibly a Yoga or Pilates class just once a week to start then adding a second as your conditioning increases. This is a totally doable resolution that is sustainable and will have a positive effect on your body, mind and well-being. Remember something is always better then nothing.” 

4. Do a Workout You Enjoy

James Fell of BodyForWife.com fame suggests: “The most important exercise for you to do the one is the one you will do, the one you can actually learn to enjoy and can stick with.”

Enjoy Workout

To keep to your fitness regime, you have to be motivated and enjoy it. “Nurture that tiny spark of “doesn’t suck” into a flame”, says James. “When it comes to getting in shape, motivation rules all, and a great way to foster motivation is focusing on learning how to get good at something. With competence comes confidence, and confidence feels good. Feeling good = having fun = sticking to your regimen.”

5. Be Consistent

The SuperSisters Liz and Sara Germain’s secret to getting in great shape is consistency.

Workout Plan

“The best fitness resolution you can make is to be consistent, ” says Liz. “Commit to taking baby steps, and don’t get discouraged. Too many people set extremely lofty goals, push way too hard for the first week or two, and then give up when they become exhausted. It’s much better to take the slow and steady route, making small daily changes to your routine over time so you don’t burn out, versus completely overhauling your lifestyle overnight.”

Sara adds: “Our favorite strategy for sticking to any goal is ensuring you have enough support and accountability. Difficult goals become easier to reach when you know people have your back and are cheering you on. We always say, ‘Fitness is better when we do it together!'”

6. Take Your Fitness Outside

Popular fitness writer and CrossFit trainer Amber Larssen’s favorite fitness resolution is to take it outside. “It can be really habitual to stay indoors in regard to your fitness, but that can be monotonous”, says Amber. If you have fun versus doing something you feel as “work” you will burn more calories.

Fitness Outside

“This can also aid in psychological health. Do something you enjoy that takes you outdoors such as hiking, running on trails, or snow sports like snowboarding, snowshoeing, or skiing. Do anything that will work your body – and give your lungs some fresh air!”

The Experts

Jannine Myers


Jannine is a member and one of the founders of the WOOT blog (Women on Okinawa Trails). This blog was established to share the love of running with as many women as possible.

Sarah Ravindran

Sarah Ravindran

Sarah Ravindran is the owner of small Australian online health food store FitAndFiesty.com, with a huge passion for health and fitness.  Sarah is a published author with a rapidly growing Instagram following; she loves to help people reach their personal health and fitness goals by whipping up delicious meals that are easy to cook.

Bobby and Alicia Strom

Having over 38 years  of fitness experience, Bobby Strom is a recognized Functional Training expert.  His wife Alicia, joined forces with him bringing her background in training, nutrition, martial arts and massage therapy. More on http://www.bobbystromfitness.com/.

James S. Fell

James S. Fell, best-selling author of Lose it Right, is generally known as the man behind the “Body for Wife” website. As an internationally syndicated fitness columnist , his work is read by millions each month.

Liz and Sara Germain

Liz and Sara are certified personal trainer sisters on a mission to help women everywhere get fit. Join them at SuperSisterFitness.com.

Amber Larsen

Amber is massage therapist and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. She also writes regularly for fitness magazines. Her website is MassageAndHealthByAmberKim.com and she tweets at @Alarsenbiology.