Top 5 Apps to Stop Anxiety and Free Your Mind


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There is an app for everything today from the most common ones for getting your food delivered and hookups to the more obscure ones. And yes, there is one to manage your anxiety as well.

There has been a lot of studies over the negative effects of excessive use of cell-phones on our mental health in recent years. But, as is famously said, ‘diamond cuts diamond’.

While nothing can replace a good therapist and healthier lifestyle choices like limiting your screen time, a healthy sleep routine and exercising. There are familiar ways, like using apps that can nudge you towards the steps you need to take to control your anxiety and help you relax or train your memory. These mental-health and mindfulness apps can set you on the right path by helping you make those changes.

Here are the top five apps to help you stop your anxiety and free your mind:

1. Happify

The dashboard of Happify application on the phone

This app can help increase your happiness and reduce stress by indulging you in simple games. It claims to have the ability to teach life-changing habits to its users. Happify lets you follow a ‘track’ which could lead to options like conquering negative thoughts or coping with stress. Your track will be determined by the answers you provide to the questions which will be asked when you first log in to the app.

Based on the answers you give and the track best suited for you, the app will assign you daily quizzes and activities. These will help you advance toward the goal outlined by your track.

You can obtain this app for free at Apple or Google Play. Happify Plus costs $11.67 a month as an in-app purchase.

2. purple screen with options: focus, meditation, relaxation, nap, or nighttime sleep

The goal of this app is to unlock ‘music’s potential to influence cognitive states’. You can trust the app to do its job as it has been developed in consultation with neuroscientists. allows you to choose from these options: focus, meditation, relaxation, nap, or nighttime sleep. Once you have selected the desired outcome, the app’s algorithm generates music to help you achieve it within 15 minutes.

Available on  Apple and Google Play, the monthly subscriptions start at $6.99 after the first five free sessions.

3. Headspace

a man is holding the telephone with Headspace app home screen

This app helps you to be mindful throughout the day in whatever activity you are engaging in, be it eating, sleeping or interacting with someone. If you are too time-strapped to meditate or have no idea where to begin and require guidance, Headspace will find you a solution.

The app also includes “mindful moments” to help keep you present throughout the day. It also presents you with mini-meditation exercises to help you make quick mental resets.

You can purchase Headspace from Apple and Google Play. It is free for beginners but as you advance, additional exercises can be availed through a subscription plan starting at $12.99. A lifetime subscription of Headspace costs $399.99.

4. Pacifica

Pacifica home screen on the phone

In 2017, Pacifica was ranked as the best mental-health app by Apple. Its appeal lies in its easy to use and beautifully designed interface. You can track your moods, health, and habits through this app. It will offer you relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises according to your needs.

It even offers curated audio exercises which can be of tremendous help if you are having a panic attack, are facing a stressful day, or even are simply stuck in traffic.

You can acquire Pacifica at Apple and Google Play. It gives free access to some features, however, full access starts at $3.99, and a lifetime subscription costs $199.99.

5. Worry Watch

Worry Watch app shown on the phone

This app will ask you to write down what you think is causing you stress, and later remind you to reflect on it and analyze the outcome of the worry. Thus, it helping you track your mental state over time.

The app will generate charts and statistics based on your responses. You can use these to analyze your patterns and maybe even share them with your therapist. Often you will realize that you were stressed over things that do not even matter in the long run. In short, Worry Watch lets you record, reflect, reason, realize, and refute on your worries. You can get it for justat just $2.99 from Apple.

Technology is often portrayed as the nemesis of mental health. Gaming apps are designed to cause addiction. Social media has significantly contributed to issues like depression and anxiety, especially in youngsters. Moreover, people find that they do not have enough time to pay attention to their mental health. 

To counter this, there are apps designed to act as an antidote and help cure your anxiety. Targeted for today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the apps mentioned above can help stop anxiety on the go.

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