Why Is It Important to Regularly Unplug From Technology?

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In this era of 21st century, we are so connected with digital gadgets that we can’t take our eyes away from. We are so dependent on these gadgets that we do everything on them – from learning to earning and  entertaining. Everything is done on smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktops.

Do you remember when you read a real book but not your laptop or smartphone? Our lives are so busy in this world that we use technology for almost everything. Washing machines, refrigerators, TV, microwaves, air conditioner, heater, cell phone, computer, car, and whatnot that we can’t think of a life without.

You might not know when you get addicted to these devices but this article will guide you why it’s so important to regularly unplug from technology and give it a break.

Are You Addicted to Cell Phones?

Young people are checking their telephones and tablets. Young people addicted to cell phones

Is cell phone addiction a behaviour? Yes, people feel the urge to check their phone every now and then and are so busy liking, sharing commenting on other’s life that they forget about their own lives and relationships. More than 50% of teenagers are badly addicted to cell phones. If we take away their cell phones, their life stops then and there. They can’t think of a day without their device. This is the time they need to understand the importance of unplugging as they can’t become a slave at such an early age.

Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction

  • Getting panic attack if you don’t have active internet on your phone.
  • Getting restless if your phone is locked and you can’t check your social media posts.
  • Being fidgety when you don’t have a signal or your phone running out of power.
  • Ability to think independently is compromised without gadget handy.

Why You Need to Regularly Unplug From Technology

When we try to unplug ourself from this addiction, it becomes very difficult to manage our personal behaviour. This certainly puts a huge impact on our personal and social life.

Your behaviour changes dramatically and you become super anxious. Gradually you fall into depression and suffer impulsive behaviour. This leads to a decline in your happiness and relationships in the longer run.

People think that they are making connects with people over the net however these are fake relations. The matter of fact is, if you can’t build strong relationships with people who are close to you, you can’t maintain long-distance relations. Even if it goes well, it is only good till the time you don’t see their dark side of the story.

The fake stories over the internet have put 50% of the young generation into depression and have increased the rate of suicide in teenage girls. Another study confirms that people who spend over 5 hours a day on their phone have considered or made plans for committing suicide.

Around 50% of people are also addicted to texting while driving. Everyday 9 deaths and over 1000 people are injured by these distractions.

How to Unplug From Technology

There is NO medicine to come out of this addiction. If you are unlocking your phone for more than 12 times in a day, you are abusing the technology and most probably getting into FOMO feeling, that is considered to be a psychological disorder. It’s only you who can face and beat it.

A young girl in black dress and white background is reaching for her cell phone that was taken away from her.

  • Put the phone away, switch it off or hide it in the locker and give the key to someone else.
  • Go to a place where your phone is not needed and where you can involve yourself in the activity that you completely forget about your device. 
  • If you go into the nature, leave your phone at home. Try to come back to this place in order to detox from this phone addiction.
  • Start swimming or any other water sport to keep your phone away from you as longer as possible.
  • Put limits on how often you check your smartphone. Set a time in the morning or in the evening to check notifications, charge it, or share something important.
  • Scrolling through someone’s vacation pics, parties, engagement ceremonies on Facebook or other social platforms will most probably will make you feel more jealous, envy and lonely. Either stay away or delete your account.
  • Instead of writing good morning messages, sharing jokes or liking posts spend this time on yourself by taking care of your physical and mental health.
  • Focus on meditation and yoga.
  • Choose a power-down hour during the day and keep your phone aside.
  • Ask your partner to lock all the apps and only use your phone for texting and calling.
  • Try to visit your favourite destinations without any devices and stay in the present moment.

Author Bio:

Swati Gupta is an active lifestyle blogger and writer. She has learned various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through ‘Gurus’ as well as her own experiences. An ardent practitioner of yoga and meditation. She likes traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive and believe Writing is the best medium to share the opinion with one and vice versa. Reach her at swati.gupta@tweaking.in.