5 Exercise Sandbags That Will Take Your Performance to Another Level

By Top.me

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Develop balance, gain control, and build raw strength that dumbbells and barbells simply can’t provide. Check our exercise sandbag reviews.   

1) Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

Ultimate Body Press Exercise Sandbag

This Exercise Sandbag by Ultimate Body Press is made of a heavy-duty, multi-handle outer shell: you can swing and slam it to the ground, rock, concrete or hoist it over your back. What is great about the new Ultimate Body Press Sandbag is that you can replace sand filler bags with water filler bags that hold the same weight and are easily filled up or lightened. We’ve done a review about this sandbag, which you can read here. This exercise sandbag is on sale now, so it’s a great change to get this versatile tool for home.


2) Brute Force Sandbag

Brute Force Sandbags

Brute Force Sandbag is made for a hardcore workouts. You can beat this bag to death and you can be sure all the sand will stay in the sand fillers. 6 different hand grips are perfect for any kind of exercise. It’s machine washable especially after a brute workout. This sandbag will never let you down and will last for a long time. 


3) Heavy Duty Workout Sandbag

Heavy Duty Workout Sandbag

Ultra-tough cordura shell and superior nylon stitching can handle any gruesome workout. It’s easy to work with and easy to clean. Grab this sandbag and have a badass workout!


4) Iron Core Athletics Black Sandbag

Iron Core Sandbag

Material is strong, and durable. Throw it, hit it, slam it! It’s not going to rip or tear. It’s a must buy if you want to take your training to the next level.


5) Sandbag Fitness Heavy Duty Workout Bag

Sandbag Fitness Heavy Duty Workout Bag

This bag is designed for “dirty” workouts. It’s great for any drills and exercises as it’s very well made and durable. Sandbag Fitness Heavy Duty Workout Bag will help build your strength and endurance. It’s great for heavy and lighter workouts. As a bonus: You will get  regular free updated workouts. 

30 minutes a day with your sandbag is enough to see how your body changes. Burn your fat and build your strength with this 30-minute full body workout.