Tone and Strengthen Your Muscles With These 5 Magic Circles. Pilates Ring Reviews


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Tone while watching tv, tone while reading & even while checking emails! Pilates Ring will strengthen and tone your body in only a few minutes each day. Check our reviews to choose the best for your home.

When you make your choice, try our upper body Pilates Ring workout to tone arms, shoulders and core.

1) Nayoya’s Fitness Ring

Nayoya's Fitness Ring

You may be sure your arms and chest will look toned and defined now. No need to use dumbbells, Nayoya’s toning ring will do all the job! It’s super easy to use and maneuver. Two foam padded grips on both sides and non-slip design make it very comfortable to use the ring. Your only problem will be now to buy more sleeveless dresses.


2) Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Light

Stott Pilates Fitness Circle

This Pilates ring is ideal for beginners and perfect for home and travel. So if you are just starting your fitness journey or Pilates is something new for you, go for Scott Pilates Fitness Circle Light. 


3) Inversion Studios Pilates Ring

Inversion Studios Pilates Ring

Inversion Studios Pilates Ring will help you tone and strengthen your muscles in the areas you can’t target in the gym. Dual-padded grips allow you to use both the outside and the inside of the ring. The bonus is: You get a sheet of exercises with full descriptions to make sure you are doing everything right and the access to plenty of poses and exercises on their website.


4) Yogalo Pilates Ring

Yogalo Pilates Ring

With this 14 inches Pilates ring you’ll stretch and strengthen your entire body. It has fiberglass which would last longer in intense workouts. The padded grips make it comfortable to hold and use. With this ring, you can have both light and intense workouts.


5) 321 Strong Pilates Ring

321 Strong Pilates Ring

You can target almost any part of your body with this Magic Circle. Firm looking butt, toned legs, flat abs, slim arms are easy to get if you have 321 Strong Pilates Ring.


6) oFitness Pilates Ring

oFitness Pilates Ring

Light and travel friendly. oFitness Pilates Ring provides excellent resistance that is great to tone and strengthen your inner and outer thighs. So, if you want to try something different or when you have a day off from the gym, this Pilates ring is what you need.