Full-Body Resistance Band Workout to Tone up Anywhere

By Top.me

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Pumping iron is great, but to get the most out of your workout, sometimes you need to mix it up with resistance training. 

Burn a little rubber (and a lot of fat!) with this Full Body Resistance Band workout. All you need is one super-portable, super-affordable band to fit in a head-to-toe sculpting session anytime, anywhere.

Do each exercise with little to no rest in between. After you finish the entire circuit, rest 1 minute and then repeat the whole thing two three more times.

Training tip: Resistance bands vary in size, shape, and thickness. You may need to modify or change the way you use your band, depending on the type that you have at home. 

The full workout video you’ll find at the end of the article.

1. Lunges

Targets: Legs, butt, abs, arms

A beautiful and fit girl in blue top and black shorts is doing Resistance band Standing Lunges in the room.

  • Stand with one foot on middle of band.
  • Grasp the ends of band and wrap around your hands at chest level, keeping elbows bent.
  • Place the other leg behind with your knee slightly bent.
  • Keep your trunk straight and bend the front knee, lowering your body downward.
  • Slowly return to upright position and repeat.
  • Do for 60 seconds.

Training tip: Brace your abs in tighter as you lower into the lunge to help maintain your balance.

2. Squats

Targets: Butt, back, legs

A beautiful and fit girl in blue top and black shorts is doing Squat Variation with resistance band in the room.

  • Stand on both legs. Hold the band in both hands with a grip wrap, elbows straight.
  • Place the Resistance Band under your feet. Bend your knees to 90 degrees.
  • Pull to add tension to Resistance Band. Straighten your knees. Slowly repeat.
  • Do for 60 seconds.

Training tip: Keep your abs drawn in tight during the entire exercise.

3. Bent-over Row