Complete Arms Slimming Resistance Band Workout


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Tone and shape your arms at home with this complete workout. All you need is a resistance band. No gym? No problem!

  • Begin with a 2 minute warm-up.
  • Do 2-4 rounds of this workout. 
  • Perform each exercise for 1 minute.
  • Do Jumping Jacks for one minute between the sets.

The Resistance Band  ArmsWorkout


  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and the band evenly under each foot.
  • Cross the band so the right side is in the left hand and visa versa. Begin by completing a squat.
  • Slowly rise up and lift the arms overhead at a 45 degree angle so the resistance band forms an “x”.
  • Complete as many as possible in 1-minute.

Sitting X-Extensions with Resistance Band Standing X-Extensions with Resistance Band

Side Plank Lift Part

  • Get into side plank position with the forearm resting on the floor.
  • Hold the distance band in each hand so it does not have slack if hands are a few inches apart.
  • Be sure to keep the shoulder back and the elbow up at all times.
  • Then, slowly lift the free arm straight into the air.
  • Continue for 1-minute, then alternate sides.

Left Side Plank Lift Left Side Plank Lift With a Straight Arm

Seated Arm Curl

  • Sit in a chair with the band under the right foot and ends held in the right hand.
  • Slowly curl the arm up while keeping shoulders down and wrist straight.

Seated Arm Curl

Hug the World Plié

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes facing outward, the resistance band evenly underfoot and the ends in each hand. Arms should be straight out to the side.
  • Slowly bend legs into a plié while bringing hands into the center point of the body.
  • Shoulders should be down, back straight, and arms parallel to the floor.

Standing Hug the World Plie Seated Hug the World Plie

Reaching Rear Row

  • Begin in lunge position with the band under the front foot, holding the end in the opposite hand.
  • Slowly rise up keeping most if the weight on the front foot. Bend the elbow back while keeping the wrist straight.
  • Hold, then return to lunge.
  • Alternate sides after 1-minute.

Lunge Reaching Rear Row Standing Reaching Rear Row

Front Arm Raise

  • Stand with feet staggered and the resistance band under the front foot.
  • Hold the ends of the band in the same hand.
  • Slowly lift the arm straight up until it is shoulder height.
  • Lower arm back down and continue for 1-minute before alternating sides.

Front Arm Raise

Side Extensions

  • Start with all fours on the ground, knees under hips and arms under shoulders.
  • Wrap the band around the right foot with the ends in the right hand.
  • Lift and bend the right leg and arm in towards the midline of the body, making sure that both are as close to parallel to the floor as possible.
  • Extend the leg straight back and the arm straight in front until both are straight.
  • Be sure to keep hips even the entire time.
  • Continue for 1-minute before alternating sides.

Right Side Extensions Straight Side Extensions

Do Jumping Jacks for one minute and continue 1-3 rounds more.