High-Intensity Workouts: Are They Healthy?

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You could notice that group of guys in the field pushing themselves to the limits, right? Let’s figure out if this is healthy or not?

High-intensity workouts, otherwise known as HIIT, are training that involves multiple fast bursts that are done repetitively with breaks in between. HIIT has been the go-to solution for many folks, especially those with a weight loss plan. The several rules like high-intensity workouts for beginners should start slow, and also the allow to take a break when things are beyond intensity should apply to avoid injuries.

Different myths and perspectives are revolving around this topic, but what science backs these high-intensity workouts? Should you be part of this training? What does it take? What is there to achieve? And if jogging really burns fat? Read on to find out.

The Impact of HIIT on Your Health

Two men and two women doing hiit workout in the gym

If you involve yourself with high-intensity interval training workouts, you will eventually benefit your body in these aspects:

Burns More Fat

Compared to those who prefer sticking to the track for long or lift weights in the gym, trainees who opt for high-intensity workouts will burn more calories. Unlike the regular cardio, the science behind it is that HIIT kicks in, and the effects are felt for up to 24 hours – when you’re long done with the session. The option is known to burn 30% surplus calories than other training forms since the maximal efforts count to the overall impact.

Prolongs Your Metabolic Rate

As earlier mentioned, the effects of high-intensity full-body workouts will still be felt hours after you’re done with your training session. Surprisingly, research proves that you’ll burn more calories after a day of your workout than you would immediately after the session. The reason behind this is that once your body is at a high metabolic rate, then your body will be in constant activeness. HIIT was discovered to transform your body to be fat reliant for energy, making the metabolism consistent since you don’t have to eat up carbs to acquire energy.

Helps You Stimulate Your Weight Loss Journey

Taking part in high-intensity interval training workouts will lead to your body burning excessive fat. Topping up with a high metabolic rate and the fact that your body will be dependent on fat to produce energy, then you will lose a couple of pounds while at it.

However, your diet will significantly affect your goal, so you better consider that as well if you want to be and feel lighter.

Assists in Gaining Muscles

If you opted for high-intensity workouts with weights, then you will build muscles in the end. This choice’s beauty is that you will be more shredded unlike other weightlifters because your body will burn the excess fat due to the high metabolism, and since you will be lifting, then the muscles gained will show better. Ensure you get your orange juice machine to make healthy refreshments after the intense workout.

Increases Oxygen Consumption

The ability of muscles to use oxygen is what is referred to as oxygen consumption. When you have endurance, you will be able to consume a lot of oxygen since your muscles need that, and that’s what HIIT offers.

Strengthens the Heart Condition

For the overweight people or those who are obese, 30 minutes high-intensity workouts will benefit them. The session will help their blood pressure and heart rate reduction, which keeps them healthy.

Reduces Blood Sugar

The group at high risk of contracting type 2 diabetes would be safe if they opted to do high-intensity workouts. The exercises can improve your insulin resistance and reduce your blood sugar, putting you in a better position of fighting off the risk of diabetes.

Reasons Why You Should Opt for HIIT

A woman in sportswear doing HIIT workout exercise the floor

If you’re not yet convinced about going for the workouts, these facts should influence your decision;

It Is Effective

Every single person who takes part in this, whether high-intensity interval training workouts for seniors or juniors, will assure you of the positive results that it has had on them. Whether it is health-wise or physical appearance, the exercises will sort you out.

You can do various exercises for HIIT, and most of them do not require any equipment to be executed. As long as you have your training gear and ambition, you will be good to go.

It Doesn’t Limit You to a Specific Location

You have the freedom to choose where you would want to do your workout. You can try high-intensity workouts at home, at the park, in the gym, at the beach, etc. as long as you have a routine and your clock to time, the reps that you will be doing at a location doesn’t matter.

It’s Not Time Consuming

You can do your exercises for as long as 30 minutes or 10 minutes if you’ve got all you’ve got. Provided you follow a particular routine, the timing will depend on you. Just ensure that you consider the intensity then rest simultaneously.

It Teaches on Discipline

Every routine teaches the followers to be disciplined since they will plan themselves well, stay committed, and progress as time goes by.

Types of High-Intensity Workouts

A sporty couple performing HIIT workout with medicine balls on the beach

The best high-intensity workouts to do include;

  • Cycling on a stationary bike
  • Squat and banana jumps
  • Sprinting and jogging combo

High-intensity training has much helped the people who have followed the routines and stuck to them. With a couple of health benefits and lots of flexibility to do the exercises, HIIT has been the go-to option for many people. You will have to be prepared mentally and physically to properly execute the high-intensity interval training workouts plan since the road to your body goals isn’t a smooth one.

Have you tried any high-intensity workout? What drove you to the training? What kind of goals did you have? How was the experience for you? Leave a comment!

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