The Nine Best Butt Exercises


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Which are the most effective butt exercises? Here is the definite list of the nine best exercises.

Nine Best Butt Exercises

Incorporate these nine butt exercises into your workout to work that tight and firm butt.


dumbbell squates photo

This is one of the best exercises for the butt as it involves most of your muscle system. You can perform it by using:

  • barbell
  • dumbbell
  • elastic band
  • kettlebells

VariationsFront SquatsPlie SquatsHack SquatsBarbell Overhead SquatBarbell Squat to a Bench

Front Squats

squat exercises



Plie Squats

plie squates

Hack Squats

Hack squats

When doing squats never let your knees go beyond your toes for safe lifting. Keep your back straight. Don’t experiment with weights if you are not sure that your arms can manage them. You can also check how to do a squat so you get the most out of the squat exercises. 


Lunges picture

This is the second great movement that will bring your butt in a perfect condition. To make this exercise more effective you can use:

  • barbell
  • dumbbells 
  • kettlebells
  • exercise ball


To do lunges, keep in mind the right knee and back position. Always keep your back as upright as possible, never flexing the spine. Don’t move your knees too far forward. When your thighs are parallel to the floor, straighten your torso to return to the starting position.

VariationsExercise Ball Traveling LungeBarbell Decline Bench LungeBodyweight Side LungeDumbbell Forward Lunge Triceps Extension



This exercise involves all the spinal erectors. It especially works the muscles of the hips, buttocks and the thighs. Be very careful with this exercise if you have back problems.


 VariationsDumbbell DeadliftSmith Machine Stiff Legged DeadliftBarbell Bicep Curl With DeadliftBarbell Romanian Deadlift From Deficit

Back Extension

back extension

Hyperextensions – Back Extensions work not only the muscles of buttocks and thighs, but also your back.

VariationsExercise Ball Back Extension With Hands Behind HeadBack Extension on Exercise Ball

Leg Press

leg press picture

Keep in mind the feet position as it influences different leg and butt muscles.

leg press

If you have back problems, you can replace squats with Leg Press.

VariationsLeg Press Machine With One Leg

Cable Back Kicks

cable back kick

Cable One Leg Kickback involves the biggest butt muscle. Cable Back Kicks allows you to develop shapely legs while increasing your muscle tone altogether.

Back Kicks

Floor Hip Extensions

Floor Hip Extensions or Glute Kickbacks you can swing your leg straight or bend your knee. You need to hold a peak position for a couple of seconds. This exercise is very easy to perform and it gives very good results. Moreover, if you have no time or opportunity to go to the gym, you can do this at home or outdoors.

Hip Extensions with a straight leg

Straight Leg Hip Extension

Hip Extensions with a bent knee

bent knee hip extension


VariationsStanding Glute Kickback


bridging exercise

While doing bridge, you have to make sure that you feel the muscle contraction at the end of each exercise. As a variation, you can use:

  • bench
  • step platform
  • bosu
  • exercise ball


 VariationsAlternate Leg BridgeExercise Ball Hip Thrust BridgeBarbell Glute Bridge

Seated Machine Hip Abduction

Seated Machine Hip Abduction

This is an excellent exercise to increase your muscle tone at the upper part of your hip. Your butt will become rounded and will make your waist slimmer.

These are the most effective exercises that can make your butt look perfect. You can try different variations, depending on what you feel is right and most comfortable. The workouts can be done both indoor and outdoor.  You can make use of machines, benches and stairs to help you to develop that perfect butt shape.