Wrapp Off Five Myths About Pregnancy Diet

By Top.me

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Myth: You are to eat for two, thus consume lot more calories!

Fact: It is not obligatory, especially during the first trimester! Then have some 350-400 extra calories to your daily ratio.

Eating for Two

Myth: Any caffeine should be avoided!

Fact:  200 milligrams per day is normal and absolutely healthy that is equal to one standard cup of coffee.


Myth: No fish is allowed!

Fact: Some fish is a perfect source of proteins, which benefits pregnancy diet. However, stay away from mercury-containing species, such as tilefish, shark, swordfish and alike. Eating fish is recommended twice a week.


Myth:  A glass of wine won’t do any harm.

Fact: At all accounts, alcohol does not enhance healthy lifestyle and might result in severe issues. There is no way to define harmless amount of wine, particularly, while being pregnant. Thus, it is better to avoid drinking at all!


Myth: Eating sugar leads to gestational diabetes (occurs during pregnancy only)!

Fact:  As far as sugar is not the only factor to trigger diabetes, it is not obligatory to stick to it exclusively. Though, a pregnant woman should consider higher nutrition needs and pay attention to blood sugar level.


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