All You Need To Know About IV Vitamin Therapy and Its Benefits


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Whether you are living with serious migraines on a daily basis or you are just a health nut there is probably a good chance that you have heard about the vitamin IV drip. In fact, this is one of the latest celebrity health fads that are taking the health industry by storm. More and more individuals are taking advantage of this new therapy for a variety of different reasons. Some swear by it and others say that it doesn’t provide any benefits at all. Maybe you consider trying the therapy, but are still on the fence because you don’t know anything about it.

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy

As mentioned-above there are a variety of different IV vitamin therapies available on the market. While each can vary in price, they all are designed to deliver a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the cells of the body. Since these essential nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream and bypass the digestive system, the results are more rapid and more effective.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Getting the effect of vitamins and minerals through foods and supplements can be a long and complex process. There are tons of steps that the body has to go through to break down these nutrients and utilize them. And, this is not to even mention if something goes wrong in the process, but a direct injection into the bloodstream can bypass all this. Specialized clinics and spas are now offering this type of IV therapy. In fact, some cosmetic surgeons are even offering this therapy alongside Botox.

Health Benefits Of IV Vitamin Therapy

Whether you are seeking out IV vitamin therapy in NYC or you are seeking it out in New Jersey, there truly are a variety of benefits that you can receive. To start off, because the nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream there is a 100 percent absorption rate. This means that the body will literally absorb every bit of the vitamins and minerals that are contained within the IV bag. Due to these revelations this powerful new therapy has the ability to correct micronutrient deficiencies in certain individuals. Along with this, the therapy have been proven to increase energy, reduce stress symptoms, improve hydration, improve the skin quality, reduce heads, improve symptoms of asthma, shorten recovery times for athletes and weightlifters, and aid with the common flu and cold.

Is The Treatment Really Safe?

At this point the whole therapy probably sounds too good to be true and you are probably wondering just how real and safe it is. Well, the treatment is 100 percent real and safe. Just keep in mind that you always want to make sure that you are getting the therapy administered by a qualified individual that completed the certification course and knows how to administer the solution properly.

That being said, some individuals will get a warm feeling passed through their body when the nutrients push into the bloodstream. This is by no means painful and it just has to do with the magnesium and calcium in the mixture.