Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back With a Mommy Makeover


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Going through a pregnancy and giving birth to a child can have a huge impact on your appearance, and many mothers have to deal with a variety of unwanted cosmetic issues as they grow older.

If you are struggling to sculpt the body that you have always wanted, then you might be the perfect candidate for a mommy makeover. This personalized treatment will allow you to address many different imperfections at once, and the results could last for years as long as you continue to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

Your Body Following a Pregnancy

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Every mother knows just how much of an impact a child can have on the body, and many of those changes are going to be very difficult to reverse without professional help. Some women have to deal with stubborn body fat that won’t seem to respond to any dietary changes or exercise. Other notice distinct changes to the size and shape of their breasts after giving birth or nursing. Luckily, all of those issues can be taken care of with various cosmetic treatments. 

Treatment and Procedure Options

Well before you have your makeover carried out, you will need to speak with a surgeon about your treatment options. No two makeovers are alike, and every patient has their own unique needs and goals. Some of the treatments and procedures that you might be interested in include: 

Breast Lift

As you grow older, your breasts could begin to hang lower on the chest, and a breast lift will help you address that issue. During that procedure, the surgeon will be able to gently alter the position of the breasts so that they are well-balanced and sit higher on the chest. This procedure will also give the surgeon the ability to alter the size and position of the areolas. 

Breast Augmentation

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After your pregnancy, you might notice that you have lost some volume in your breasts as well. Implants are going to increase the size of your breasts and potentially improve their overall shape. There are many different implant types to choose from, and you can go over the pros and cons of each different implant type with your surgeon well before you have this operation carried out. 


Losing weight when you have one or more children around the house is very difficult, and there may come a point when it feels as if burning stubborn body fat is nearly impossible. Liposuction will allow you to sculpt the body of your dreams by eradicating localized pockets of body fat. This procedure can be carried out almost anywhere on the body, and that includes the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, and upper arms. 

Personalizing Your Makeover

Mommy makeovers are highly customizable, and there are many different procedures and treatments to choose from. If you are ready to make major changes to your appearance, then you should contact a surgeon today to see if a mommy makeover is right for you.