Surgical or Non-Surgical: Which Type of Cosmetic Treatment Is Right for Me?


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Studies continue to reveal that millions of surgical and minimally invasive procedures are performed every single year, and those treatments can help patients deal with a wide array of unwanted imperfections. From excess body fat to facial wrinkles, there are quite a few cosmetic problems that you might have to deal with at some point in your lifetime.

If you believe that you might be ready for cosmetic surgery in Sacramento, then you should spend a little bit of time researching some of the most popular surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

A Look at Surgical Operations

Even though some medical practices specialize in very specific procedures, Precision M.D. and other comprehensive surgical centers typically should be able to offer their patients many different operations. Currently, some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries include:

While many of those operations can be carried out by themselves, some patients combine their treatments in order to address multiple imperfections at once.

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One of the reasons why plastic surgery has become so popular in recent years is because the results are often astounding. Many patients have been able to eradicate the signs of aging and remove unwanted imperfections ranging from stubborn abdominal body fat to wrinkles around the eyes. Depending on the age of the patient and the procedure that was carried out, the results could also last for years or even decades with the proper aftercare.

Understanding Minimally Invasive Treatments

It should come as no surprise to anyone that modern cosmetic procedures are very effective, but many of them are still classified as invasive operations. In some cases, patients must spend multiple weeks recovering from their procedures, and that is completely impractical for many people. Some operations can also create visible scars that won’t completely fade away over time.

With non-invasive treatments, most patients are going to be back on their feet almost immediately. Botox and other injectables usually take around 20 or 30 minutes to administer, and the side effects tend to be very mild. Countless patients throughout the world are also undergoing minimally invasive laser treatments that help them take care of blemishes on the surface of the skin.

Determining Which Procedure Is Right for You

To determine which type of treatment is right for you, a few different variables need to be considered. That includes how long you want the results to last, how long of a recovery you are comfortable with, and your financing options.

Non-invasive treatments tend to be slightly more affordable, but he results rarely last for more than a year or two. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, can sometimes produce results that last a lifetime.

Beautiful girl is doing non-invasive treatment. The girl is doing botox

Once you have thought about those variables, you will need to contact a surgical Center like Precision M.D. to schedule an initial consultation. You will be able to hear more about the pros and cons of each individual procedure. With that knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which option is right for you. To learn more about Precision M.D. or any of the procedures that they offer, you should contact the surgical center today to schedule your initial consultation.